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DinaraL Nov 24 '16
why it is  a lot of announcements of men without theirs photo in this Website ?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 25 '16
I could only speculate to that answer, DinaraL. Speculation is NOT a good thing. Facts are what matters.

I can safely say this much though. If you are comparing this site to another dating site ( it doesn't matter which one) then the answer is scammers. Scammers populate up to 80 and 90% of other dating sites membership, all of them using stolen photos of real people.

It wasn't that long ago an agency of the US Government actually fined a British Company that operates a huge # of dating sites for allowing them to have so many scammers when they should have known better.

Even if I was still single I don't think I would write a PM to a woman without a picture posted. I really wouldn't care if she was shy or whatever the reason was.

Talking here in the forum is another story. It is all public chat and it can all be seen all over the world so you (me) take much greater care to choose our words better.

If I'm wrong about the comparison of this site to other sites please let us know what you mean in your original post, please?

DinaraL Nov 25 '16
I completely agree with you. According to this I was very surprised how many profiles without photos here on this websaide . Why accept them here without a photo?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 25 '16
it is a personal choice to have a photo on a profile or not. It is not mandatory at all.

This is a small site by comparison to many others, and the most outstanding feature of it is that we have none, or rarely ever get a scammer in here. The few that do sneak in are not here long ( usually only hours before they are booted).

The picture / avatar is something we tried to get people to do by offering points to post one, and also telling them that they will be a featured member and get points after they upload pics / an avatar.

But that is all we can do. This is not a monarchy where we make mandates of people to reveal their privacy. It is up to them how much they want to reveal to the public about themselves.

While it does not make one bit of sense to me to have a profile on a dating site and NOT post your picture ( as it is similar to a Resume or C.V. for a job) some people want to have it that way for whatever reason. Maybe they are so good looking they'd get so many PM's they wouldn't be able to answer them all

but I really doubt that is the answer...
Marisa Nov 25 '16
Also, keep in mind that roughly half of profiles register not directly, but with their Facebook account. For Facebook registration, there is no option to upload a pic at sign up. Of course they can do it manually later, but during the signup their Facebook avatar is being grabbed, whatever they have there. If it's their own photo, I keep it. If not, I reset it.
DinaraL Nov 25 '16
 Thank you !     Your answers are always very helpful. Sorry for my English, I was born in Russia, and I am using translator because my grammar is not perfect
sanchgot Sep 12 '17
I am having difficulty posting a photo. If I use the change avatar to uploasd, all i get is a spinning curssor.  Drag and drop simply pastes the picture on my screen, What am I doing wrong. Is it the browser? I am using Firefox.
Marisa Sep 12 '17
I see that you figured it out, your photo is posted fine.  Spinning cursor means the photo is being uploaded, you have to be patient and wait. Probably your photo is large and connection is slow.
Willi Jan 16
Of course, it is also possible to use the "Upload Photo" link on the dashboard...it is not exactly rocket science.


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