Terms of use

Terms of use of Datingnmore.

Please read carefully, as we DO mean it. By registering you agree to be bound by these terms. Should you break the terms, your registration will be suspended.

You are NOT allowed to:
1) post any kind of sexualy explicit content on the site. NO ADULT MATERIALS whatsoever.
2) solicit nude images from other members or offer to send yours.
3) access this site through a proxy or VPN. You may only access it through your Internet Service Provider.
4) solicit money or any other kind of financial aid from other members for whatever reason.
5) promote your business or website, including posting links or sending spam.
6) promote any kind of illegal or unlawful activity.
7) post anything that is harassing, invasive of another's privacy, racially offensive, abusive, threatening, harmful, insulting, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. Be nice.
8) post your private contact information in public areas of the site.
9) hack or abuse the system resources.
10) impersonate another person and use their images without permission.
11) incorrectly state your present physical location. It must correspond your IP address.
12) use page auto-refreshers.

Additionally, you will not hold Datingnmore liable for anything bad that may happen to you as a result of using this site, including money loss. This is your personal responsibility to make sure you don't get overly friendly with a criminal, stalker or scammer. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT THIS SITE IS TOTALLY SCAM FREE. We do our best to keep scammers away, and do it much better than others, but we cannot give you any guarantees. There is NO such thing as 100% safe dating site.

We reserve the right to deny any registartion that we find suspcious or which simply doesn't fit the site.


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