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Marisa Oct 13 '16
which disability is okay and which is too much for you?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 19 '16
Gosh Marisa, I'd have to ask if you are talking about physical disabilities or mental ones or both?

I have some physical limitations, but I hate to call them disabilities because they don't really disable me. I just have to find other ways to do some things that others can do in different ways.

As far as anything else goes with another person and which are too much. That would ultimately depend on the person, what I expect from them, and how they treat themselves and others. I'm not one to enjoy the company of a whiner telling me what they can or can't do all the time. But on the flip side of the same coin if that person is disabled somehow and is not whining just stating facts, then I am all ears to the story of experience.

wind090 Oct 19 '16

Turn that question around: Would you end your long term relationship because your partner becomes disanled somehow?!

The answer is exactly the same: If you find somebody that is that great to you, you would like to be in a relationship with that person, what on earth will be able to stop you? So it has always to depend on that person and never on the disability. The question is will your prejudices allow you to get to know a disabled person that well?!  "> In the end we are all disabled one or the other way, even if most of us in our minds and without confessing to that... ">

forgottenone Nov 24 '16
i believe a disability is not a reason to not want a person.i think that if they can relate toeachother a disability will not make a difference they will simply work with it and arround it to reach what they desire
cat43822 Dec 13 '16
islandguy76 Dec 21 '16
Doesen't matter to me. Depends on their personality
adventurer55 Dec 29 '16
Sure, we all have disabilities, some visible, some hidden deep in the psyche. At least, the ones you can see are not going to surprise you later in the relationship. And after a while, you get used to them, and don't even notice them--if you love the person!

But the the hidden ones are the relationship killers! Some people are sooooo nice and sweet for the first few weeks...and then.....up jumps the devil! Those are the serious disabilities, the emotional and mental ones.

gustavog2 Jan 26 '17
why not? we all humans, people with disabilities are not monsters or from another planet
LadyJ Feb 2 '17
Let's assume hypothetically that I have a disability myself - It is better if I marry another person who has no disability because then there are not two people struggling to walk for instance, one needs to be able to drive the car where there is no public transport, also medical aid will cost half, there will be half the amount of strangers staring .... the one who is physically challenged will need someone fit to help them in the bath maybe ... and so on .....
bailey999 Feb 6 '17
people are people,if the heart wills it then it can be done.yes
Lytharia Feb 10 '17
I think with all things, it is what do you consider a disability? Like adventurer55 stated, not all disabilities are visible. That goes for physical, mental and emotional. I don't see any of those being a barrier as long as we get along and love one another. Again, the ying-yang of it all ... does the one compliment the other or can they figure out how to do things together with the same disabilities? I have not met one perfect person yet. Everyone has "disabilities" something that has damaged them physically, mentally or emotionally in life. My question, along with any other quirk, nuance or difference, is it something you can deal with? That person may not be perfect, but are they perfect for you. That is all that matters.
Willi Jan 12
Sure, I would not see any problem, if my partner tuned out to have a physical limitation. In my opinion metal problems can be much more debilitating and usually lay hidden for considerable time. As long as she has a good personlity, nothing cannot be conquered. After all nobody ever is perfect, and even angels will become shopworn after some time...
alans234 Feb 17
I myself wouldn't have a problem dating someone with a disability as long as they loved me back 
SallyKay Mar 4
Yes I would
Marisa Mar 4
Everybody says they would. And what about a person in a wheelchair? We have a few members in a wheelchair here, and nobody writes to them. So, I suspect a sort of insincerity....  
Marisa Mar 9
yes, but then maybe people should specify which disability they are talking about? Especially since the original question says: "which disability is okay and which is too much for you?"

Would you date a legally blind person? Would you date a person in a wheelchair? Will you date somebody with a cerebral palsy? The respondents should elaborate. 

Otherwise, the simple answers "yes, I would" sound like ppl just want to get some credits, to be able to mass-mail the HEALTHY members, lol.


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