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davidlust Jun 29 '16
Hello there everyone! I can't believe it is almost time for the Rio Summer Olympics! But I have a question. With Rio in the Southern Hemisphere, shouldn't these Games be held in December or January, during the actual summer in the South? Won't it be a little chilly to be running track? Can anyone make a rational argument for this?

Also, what is yoru favorite part of the Olympics? Is it the track events? Gymnatics? Swimming? Something else? 

I personally have always enjoyed swimming followed by track and field.. Thoughts?

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Jun 29 '16
Dec/Jan would be way too hot.  That's why they are held in Spring, Sydney Olympics were held in September.

I enjoy watching the diving and the gymnastics.

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jul 1 '16
Rio Olympic Games 2016 begins on

Friday, August 5

and ends on

Sunday, August 21

the above is the almanac from 2015 in August in Rio. I got a feeling even if they call it winter
there in Rio there will not be any skiing or ice sculpting going one ( outdoors anyhow).

davemac Apr 2 '17
If they do it early in the year they will have more time to recuperate the 15 Billion or more Dollars it will cost to put it on. Greece is deep in the red because it was their turn last time out, are you all ready for such a hit to your local economy over your side of the pond?
Willi Jan 7
I have to admit, that I have lost all interest in the Olympic Games since the event was politicised a few  decades ago. Also allowing professional athletes to compete took the fun out of the games. The upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea promise to become  a showcase for politically motivated tantrums of some of the "athletes", so I would not even consider looking. For me the decline of the games began, when the rules were changed to exclude "outsiders" like the Jamaican Bobsled team from participating. They had indeed threatened to upset the "big" players in the sport by being much more successful than expected. Thus the "games" turned into an élitist showcase. 


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