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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 5 '17
I'm sure it can be a sticky subject with any group of people. I'd be willing to bet if you got a group together for education and called the subject "How to start online dating" then aside from the beginners asking questions like this one would yield more silence than input from the crowd.

I only think the genuine beginners that have nearly zero experience would offer some input because they truly do not know the answers, therefore they seek something.  Of course, this is just MHO though.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Apr 5 '17

lenovo this subject does not belong here.  The topic of this particular forum has to do with the honesty of profiles.  It is not about scams.  

There is a forum dedicated to scams where you can find all sorts of information regarding various types of scams.  Please post scam material there if it isn't there already.

Marisa Apr 5 '17
Also, please STOP posting content taken from the Internet (with links, pics, etc...) WITHOUT indicating where the content is taken and giving authors a credit. This is a copyright violation. As such, I am removing articles you posted and I will NOT give you site credits for content posted without authors permission. And next time you do it, your profile will be suspended.
mcpbrian May 11 '17

That's true jennifert, someones full life history shouldn't be in a simple profile and should be disclosed when the 2 parties have established trust with each other.

Stephen56 May 28 '17
I agree with lots that has been said and as far as profile accuracy goes I believe after all it is a dating site so my belief is you have to true to yourself and others and post an accurate and truthfull profile of yourself. It just ain't worth trying to fudge a few details if you are here for genuine reasond
Kimo May 29 '17
that said anything depends you can smoke weed freely in some countries while you could face death penalty in some asian countries for the same thing - tho what is normal for one could be very strange or forbidden for others and this beeing an international site, tho is it good to tell anything?

Same for politics i doesn't mater if ye vote right or socialist or communist or troskist or even nationalist....

The Forum post is edited by Kimo May 29 '17
Kimo May 29 '17
By the way what happened to wind? Is he stil, around here? His topics were at times funny....
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU May 30 '17
No Kimo, wind is no longer with us.
Calidude8989 Jun 1 '17
Think we are in a time where it is easier to make stuff up and be truthful.
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