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runea Apr 16 '17
Im a 50 year old norwegian looking for that someone special Glad to be back on this scammerfree site
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 16 '17
hi and welcome to DnM, runea. Best things I can suggest to you are
#1 be active. Do searches, write to people that fit your description of "someone special". Keep writing if no one answers you back.

#2 be active. Participate in polls (if you can't find certain questions you think need answering then write a poll question for yourself).

#3) be active. Participate in the forums so that people can get to know you. That also applies to the polls above.

#4) be active. Join a group or more and participate in it. Let people get to know you (also applies like 2 & 3)

#5) have fun and be fun around here.

Upload some pictures of yourself in different settings ( play, work, relax, etc) so people can get to know more than just an avatar of you.

post some videos and/or comment on the ones that are here. ( it lets people get to know you).

A special note: we do our best to keep scammers out of here, but on occasion they will slip through the cracks. Its best to always give someone at least a few days of being here on the site before assuming anything. Along those same lines, we recommend you never give out your personal information to anyone until you are comfortable with that stranger. Remember the fact is until you have met someone face to face and in person, they are by definition a stranger to you. Even VR software is getting very good these days. Ask anyone who has been blackmailed by VR software if they thought they were talking to a real person on Skype, Google voice, etc...

Oh, and try to be as complete as possible with your profile. If you'd like others to look at it and tell their thoughts post a question here : https://datingnmore.com/site/forum/topic/769?page=1#post-13849
and we'll give you our honest thoughts about it.

good luck finding what you seek.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Apr 16 '17
runea Apr 17 '17
Nice to see some friendly faces are still here thanks


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