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Marisa Oct 13 '16
how do you determine whom to contact? do you just look at the pictures or use some other criteria? 

how important is age? how important is location?

Lets say you specified your desired age and location, and got the set of results. Now what???

johnc23 Oct 16 '16
In the natural world looks can muster a thousand things all in one go which when annualized becomes 'falling in love'. There are way to guide this happening and they are the sites that you are on NOW! To sum up then, simply, yes looks do mean a lot & that's on both sides!
VeloVelo Oct 16 '16
Yes, of course, especially for the initial spark of interest. And of course, after getting to know someone, looks lose their degree of importance.
selwynq Oct 22 '16
Looks is important from certain perspective, like the person you may be interested in must first look healthy... Then you would expect them to look well groomed as an indication that they are taking good care of themselves. 
cliffr Oct 24 '16

Yes because however evolved we like to think we are the physical attraction is usually the first step in wanting to get to know someone better.

wind090 Oct 25 '16

Interesting that the first two people answering that question immediately start talking about themselves instead of what they look for! ">  ...but I guess that tells us more on how they treat this topic than if they would say it directly.

To me that is a little more difficult. I sometimes got the feeling that my ideal of beauty changes rapidly again and again and again, so maybe a woman that is totally beautiful to me today may be totally ugly tomorrow and the opposite. What I've discovered is that the closer related I get to somebody usually the more I tend to like those people. Such a relation you only get if you talk to each other. Additionally I tend to look too careful at those pictures...     ">   ...and so most of the beauty becomes less than average hidden behind a lot of makeup. Of course in a relationship sexual attraction is important, but what about those people who claim to look for friends only, but if you write to them they won't give you an answer?!      ( We're all stupid except them, I know! )  So if you ask me, I prefer people who look "average" or (a little) crazy. I don't want a model I want somebody I can talk to, I can argue with and who is able to be a match to me. In a relationship I don't want an actress who plays the role of the perfect wife to me, I want a real partner with her own mind.

I know to repeat that sentence again and again...  ...but with time beauty may fade away while stupidity remains!    "

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King95 Oct 25 '16

To me looks is important to a certain degree. Looks does not make the person. Beauty is inside and out.

wind090 Oct 25 '16

OK noeleena, can you tell me that a little more precisely please? So you recognize all scammers by being male? (Mine always claimeto be female...)  I mean scammers are always changing their story if you start to ask the right question and they tend to use a very bad English mostly...  It's like always being off topic when posting in forums, being gay when posting in a forum, but being streight in a profile and most of all always being agressive when things not develop the way they would like.

(...und wenn Du's offen beantworten möchtest: Bitte als neues Thema!!!)     

mankien5023 Oct 26 '16
Look is not important... most important is the quality and the attitude of the person whether he/she is good,honest and loyal to the relationship or not...example is if a woman so pretty and cute but her attitude is not good and always flirting with other guys then what good is it?
Bagler Oct 31 '16
I thinks looks are important at first contact because it tells the other person that i come to you at my best
isle Nov 8 '16
looks are almost all you have to go on before contact

but once conversation starts other things take over

jasons Nov 16 '16
looks are very important.. there has got to be a physical attraction between two people
Gringo Nov 20 '16
Physical beauty is not all that important to me, but rather the personality of the other person. She could be thin, average or slightly large with what would be considered average features. I am no Dwayne Johnson, but am a happy, relaxed easy going person, and to have a pleasant long term relationship, personality is the most important thing. A lot of the female posts seem to place emphasis on looks, sexuality, and the desire for a free ride,that turns me off immediately. I prefer an average pleasant non-pretentious woman.
William75 Nov 21 '16
no matter how we feel, look has some importance too
forgottenone Nov 24 '16
looks can play a part in any relationship. but what really gets to me is personality you can read a lot in just what is said in first meetings
susana23 Nov 26 '16
You have to have some kind of physical attraction. If that is not there the chance of actually getting to know the other person is relatively small. Personinatilly and intelligence are big factors, but chemistry is a very important beginning.
user_48890 Dec 1 '16
I think first impression counts!
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 5 '16
Gosh Ken, are you a Poet and don't know it??
davidj23456 Dec 6 '16
We live in a  Society that demand  perfection, the  perfect body. and those that achieve it are treated like gods. and others who don't fit in with what today's society dictates are shunned and looked down upon. it's not a question of "are looks important..." it's a question of  necessity and survival. In today's society "looks" in most cases, is the deciding factor.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Dec 7 '16
So, look good or miss out!  

I don't think society is quite that far gone but we all have certain aspects or features that we particularly like or dislike.  Which is just as well or we'd all be chasing George Clooney or Angelina Jolie.

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