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Darlene Dec 24 '16
Unfaithfulness is a huge mistake in a relationship. Don't cheat if you don't want to be cheated on. It is better to end the relationship before starting a new one to be fair to everyone involved. 
CurvyGirl Dec 28 '16
I think the biggest mistake is simply taking the relationship for granted.  It takes work.  It has been said that it's a 50/50 give and receive.  But more accurately if each partner gives 100% then the relationship will keep moving forward.  It has to be a mutual give and receive. 
Latinadventurer Dec 31 '16
There are several relationship killers that people regularly do. 1/ A marriage certificate is not a certificate of ownership. We are still individuals with our own destinies to fulfill. 2/ Our partner is not responsible for our happiness, we are! 3/ Our role in the relationship is to fulfill our OWN life, if in the process we can assist our partner to fulfill their own life then that is the value of partnership. Think about it, if we feel that everything we do is for the other person at the expense of our own personal goals then we will soon look to another person who will help us to fulfill our destiny, true? 4/ Becoming complacent and not appreciating the qualities that our partner brings into the relationship. 5/ Doing thoughtless actions which you would never have considered doing when you were first dating. 6/If you would feel angry if your partner was verbally or physically abusive towards you then guess what, they feel the same when you do it to them!
Remember, the sign of a solid relationship is when you both feel comfortable passing gas in each others presence, even after Chili beans!
Hope40 Dec 31 '16
For me its honesty and taking the other person for granted 
nsejab Jan 4
LadyJ Feb 2


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Lytharia Feb 7
Lack of integrity, loyalty, honesty and trust. Details can be worked out, but each has to stick to the agreements made or renegotiate. It is about both people in the relationship and there is and must be sacrifice and compromise ... not to eithers detriment. Pick your battles for what is the most important and if you can't work it out ... be adult enough to agree to disagree or say it just won't work.
Joebrighton Feb 16
ClassyLOA Aug 19
1. Bringing baggage from your past relationships.

2. Guessing that a connection online means that you will get along in real life.

3. Trying to change anyone. including requesting a move or lifestyle change.

4. Not clearly honestly communicating and listing to the other person.

5. Asking for photos of body parts.  

6. Listing to American Country music or playing any musical interments.

7. Facial hair, other than natural eyebrows.

8. Slandering anyone online.

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