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Marisa Mar 25 '15
Our site stats for the last week:

IE has a whooping 12%!!!  I remember posting smth like that 5 years ago and it had like 75%.

But... it won't give up without a fight... 


damn Windows STILL has 47%... But less than a half.  5 years ago it was around 70% I think.

This world changes... 

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Mar 25 '15
i"m actually surprised that droid ranked #2. That means it was a good move to get mobile on the site. I just hope Oxwall gets some upgrades for the mobile portion of this software soon.

Maybe it would be a good idea to send those stats to the developers of Oxwall so they get the clue ?

It doesn't surprise me at all that Win-Doze is much lower on the list than it used to be. People are sick of their OS'es locking up on them, needing to back up hourly, all of the malware and virus threats, hacking holes..... o wow, the list is a long one.

Android is basically Linux, and Linux is like a freight train. It may not move very fast, but its impossible to stop it after it starts.

Its too bad those stats don't distinguish between different versions, such as XP, Windows 7,8, or the versions of Mac or IOS. That would be real interesting to know, too.
Marisa Mar 25 '15
Here you go, Billy. Win 7 is overwhelming. Not sure what is so great about it, not a Win-doze user, so clueless.

and yes, it is a pity Oxwall neglects mobile version.  

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Mar 25 '15
I have one Win-Doze machine here at the house and it has ME on it, and another partition with XP on it. I'm surprised to see 2000 out of 26,000 are XP users still. I guess MS stopping support for XP did not stop people from using it
Marisa Apr 3 '15
I am so glad I am on Linux!! Luckily for me, it will never be number one, not even number two or three, LOL.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 15 '15
its interesting to hear you say that, jerry. My wife just got a win8 laptop and asked me a few questions about it. It was in my hands for 10 minutes before I was ready to toss it through the nearest window toward the trash can.

I've been a mac person for a long time now, for many reasons. Ease of operation is the primary one.

Seeing Win8 in person reminded me of why so many people claim "I'm not a computer genius".... when it comes to their computers.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 16 '15

Quote from JerryBear

As far as I'm aware most, if not all the Linux implementations are all open source.

Red hat Linux is a distro that is no longer open source. Compaq bought the rights to it years ago, and made it cost money to use. At the time it was one of the most widely used OS'es for servers and other equipment.

Funny thing is, after they put a price tag on it, CentOS became the most widely used Linux distro for servers and the like.... CentOS is still open source. Compaq didn't gain a thing except from die hard Red Hat fans.

I'm sure there are other distro's of Linux that are not open source as well. They just aren't as popular as the open source ones.



billyHill Moderator
billyHill Aug 31 '15
so now Windows 10 is out, and it happens to be FREE for those upgrading from Vista, Win 7, 8, and possibly even those still using XP ( all though it probably will not run on any machines old enough to have XP on them).

Its interesting how they went from Windows 8 to 10 with no #9.... could that have something to do with the Mac OSX ( OS TEN) and hopes to confuse people?? I'd say yes.

Also, since their new OS is free to previous users of Windows, does that tell us that their sales have gone down so far they are trying to climb out of a bowl rubbed down with Crisco?? 

IE is gone in Win 10, it is now called "Edge" ( or something similar) ( Not the U2 guitarist)

Interesting questions anyhow..

What are your latest server stats now that Win 10 has been released, Marisa?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Aug 31 '15

Even with aggressive setup switching, Edge has been adopted by a minority of those running Windows 10, according to two metrics vendors




Microsoft's new Edge browser is being used by a minority of those running Windows 10 -- between one-sixth and one-third -- according to data from a pair of analytics vendors.

The early returns on Edge not only hint at Microsoft's failure to get the earliest adopters to rely on the new browser, but also question Mozilla's contention that Windows 10's setup will result in defections from its own Firefox, or by association, other non-Microsoft browsers.

During July, Edge accounted for just 0.14% of all browsers tracked by California-based Net Applications. With Windows 10's user share standing at 0.39% for July -- and because Edge works only on Windows 10 -- the browser was run by about 36% of its potential users (0.14% divided by 0.39%).

Net Applications measures user share using visitor tallies to its customers' websites. The result is a rough estimate of the percentage of the world's online users who run a specific browser.

Data from StatCounter, an Irish metrics vendor, also showed that Edge was far from the universal browser of choice among people who have upgraded to Windows 10.

Over the first 16 days of August, Edge's global average daily usage share was 0.7%, far below the 4.4% average daily share of Windows 10. In other words, StatCounter pegged Edge as accounting for about 16% of the online activity of all Windows 10 owners.

Unlike Net Applications, StatCounter estimates usage share by tallying page views, generating a signal of activity rather than users.

It was impossible to determine which browsers were run on Windows 10 in place of Edge, as neither Net Applications or StatCounter break out their public data on browsers by operating system. The fractions that may have run Google's Chrome on Windows 10, for example, were masked by the fact that the browser also operates on more widespread operating systems, such as Microsoft's Windows 7 or even Apple's OS X.

(Again, the only reason why Edge's portion of the Windows 10 user base can be calculated is because Edge is exclusive to Windows 10. In the same way, the portion of Mac owners who run Safari, a browser exclusive to OS X on personal computers, can be estimated. Net Applications put Safari's user share at 5.1%, compared to OS X's 7.7%, meaning that about 66% of all Mac users run Safari as their primary browser.)

The low percentages of Windows 10 users currently running Edge signaled that Microsoft has not made its case for the new browser, at least among those who have jumped on the OS and its free upgrade. That's troubling, since Microsoft has positioned Edge as its browser of the future, and put in considerable effort to making it more compliant with standards, while relegating Internet Explorer (IE) in general, IE11 specifically, to a legacy support position.

At the same time, Edge's weakness counters Mozilla's assertion that because Windows 10 adopts the browser as the OS's default -- even if another had been set as the default on Windows 7 or 8.1 prior to upgrading to 10 -- Microsoft is unfairly leveraging its dominance in the desktop operating system market.

In a letter last month to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Mozilla's chief executive, Chris Beard, slammed the switch to Edge. "The update experience [of Windows 10] appears to have been designed to throw away the choice your customers have made about the Internet experience they want, and replace it with the Internet experience Microsoft wants them to have," Beard wrote.

Mozilla published the letter to Nadella on its website July 30, a day after Microsoft began distributing Windows 10.

But the data from Net Applications and StatCounter show that the change to Edge promoted through Windows 10's Express Setup process has not resulted in a wholesale replacement of rival browsers.

That's not to say Beard's concerns were unfounded, either for Firefox specifically or non-Microsoft browsers in general. And it's entirely possible that Edge's user or usage share will grow as a percentage of the comparable statistics for Windows 10.

Yet the latest numbers from StatCounter -- which, again, measure activity, not users per se -- aren't encouraging for Microsoft and Edge. Since Aug. 1, Edge's share of Windows 10 has slipped, not snowballed as might be anticipated as the OS's user base accumulated more mainstream users and presumably tilted away from enthusiasts and power users who could be expected to retain their prior browsers.

In the past seven days' of StatCounter data, Edge activity accounted for 15.4% of Windows 10 activity overall, down from 16.6% during the seven days before that.

Edge share, two data sets Data: Net Applications, StatCounter

Edge's share of Windows 10, whether as user share (36% according to Net Applications, at the left) or usage share (16%, StatCounter, on the right) is surprisingly small, considering that Microsoft has aggressively promoted the new browser as the default during setup.

Marisa Aug 31 '15
Billy, here are the recent stats: 

Android and Chrome keep rising, Windoze and MSIE keep falling. 

So, no matter how much Bill Gates struggles and what he gives for free, personally I would never put my money in their stocks, only in Google stocks. 

Goooo Gooooogle, Gooooo!!! 

Marisa Aug 31 '15
forgot one chart, Windoze 10 is not overly popular so far.. 

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Mar 25 '16
another table for you, Marisa

The Forum post is edited by billyHill Mar 26 '16
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Feb 4
and another. Looks like Chrome is tops.

Marisa Feb 4
no wonder, since GC is a default browser on Android. 
mcpbrian May 10
When I "upgraded" to windows 10, the first thing I didn't like was Edge! My favorites were gone and it was a major pain in the a_ _ to find them again. Control panel sucks anymore too but I had gotten used to it from Win8. It seems Microsoft wants to take control of everything and not let anyone make changes for themselves. I got an MS certification in networking and I am embarrassed to tell anyone anymore.


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