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Kimo Aug 30 '16
I remember a few years ago with the old design i had a topic about UFO and paranormal related stuff and many participated in it.....

What are the old members who participated but also the new members think about that subject - what's yer opinion....

Let's try to put some life back in those forums fellow members.....

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Sep 2 '16
Which one, Kimo? UFO, paranormal, or both in the same topic?? I think they are 2 very distinct and different topics. Maybe people are waiting to see an example of what you mean before they chime in with their answers  
jetfuelguy Feb 9 '17
I really don't think UFO's have visited earth. If they did, we would be on the primitive side for them. With that in mind they may decide to run roughshod over us. I don't think they have to sneak around and fear us, may as well land front & center.


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