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what is the first thing you notice in a man / woman ?
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Feb 9 '15
His smile, then his fingernails.  Don't like bitten fingernails. 
DUribe Feb 9 '15
Their face, their eyes and hands. I do feel more attracted to a face than to a body, so it doesnt matter if the person is thin, fat or regular, if i like his face.
wind090 Feb 10 '15

As I allready said, it depends on many aspects! If she is too far away, you can't look in her eyes, so you are forced to look at her body! You can only look into someones face if you are close enough!

Out of this I would say, If she is far away I look at her proportions and how she moves. If she is a little closer I look at her more detailed, maybe her skin or her hair and if she is Close enough and looks towards me, I of course will take a look into her eyes! (...and if it comes to that at her teeth before to kiss her! :D )     

Jstnona Mar 18 '15
In both men and women, their eyes and their hands.  Especially when they start to speak.  Both reveal a lot about their sincerity.
AmeliaCastillo Apr 7 '15
First thing that I notice in men or women are those things that I don't like. For example: smelly body like armpit that stinks; bad breath; falling dandruff; un-polished shoes, etc.
mamashoo Apr 11 '15
his smile...his eyes..
wind090 Jun 26 '15
His teeth? Are you trying to buy a horse, openening his mouth with your hand and taking a look inide?
soalive247 Jun 27 '15
That definitely be her eyes. The eyes say everything and will immediately reveal exactly how she feels about a man the very second she looks at him. 

 Also, a woman's eyes are the portal into her heart and soul and the center of her communication. I as a man must invite her into my heart and soul through my own. 

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jun 28 '15
My curiosity is this, soalive..... if the eyes are so important, then why do you post a pic with sunglasses on??

Are yours so powerful they might hurt us mere mortals or something like that??
jpinder1087 Aug 19 '15
ok. are we talking about this from the aspect of meeting somebody online or in person
jpinder1087 Aug 19 '15
cause if your online how do you know the pic of the girl is real
jpinder1087 Aug 19 '15
if we are talking about it from a face to face aspect. then i dont really care. dont get me wrong. ill see the face the body etc. the outer beauty of a person or a girl im seeing for the first time. but for me personally its not how you are on the outside but on the inside as a person that counts
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Aug 20 '15

Quote from jpinder1087 ok. are we talking about this from the aspect of meeting somebody online or in person

I think we all took the point of view that it was a face 2 face meeting for the first time, Jas.

and if you do meet online, you can verify she is real by asking her to make a unique sign and display it on web cam chat.
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Lytharia Feb 11 '17
I first have to agree with noeleena ... the sound and lilt of a persons voice when they are talking to you can sing to the heart. Again the EYES have it LOL!! Not to knock anyone elses choices, perhaps I have lived in the woods too long. But if I was worried about a mans shiny shoes or dirt under his nails, I would probably never speak to any of the hard working and very sweet men in my area. More than half work in dirt and grime in the woods, gardens, rivers and ocean in my state. It is of course to each their own.


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