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Jstnona Mar 26 '15
What do you consider to be man's greatest invention? (Only one invention per answer)
To me....the internet.  Without it I could not remain independent.
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Jstnona Mar 26 '15
SnowDrop, thinking on that level...the wheel would be the greatest invention.  While electricity has become one of the most necessary of the inventions, for most, parts of the world still do not have it. And how many people now live off the grid?  
Other than electricity, there were many inventions, prior to the invention of the internet, that made it possible....personally, I feel it is man's greatest invention.  And your choice is electricity.
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wind090 Mar 27 '15

I can not really decide between the knife and the ability to make fire, but I guess I'll take the knife!

Deep inside nature programs us to remain our species, for that we are to survive ourselves, to eat, to sleep and to have children. Anything that helps us in that is truely important. So if you would like to see what realy is important, try to live without! I'm sure, your life will be boring without internet, work will be hard without the wheel, but have you ever tried to live a day or even a week without using a knife? 

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Mar 27 '15
If I had to pick just one ( and Nona says I can only pick one), I'd go with a rather recent one the integrated circuit ( chip). AKA the component that moved us from vacuum tube electronics to "solid state" devices and allowed electronics to shrink in size, become less expensive, and ultimately produced what we now call computers, smart phones, iPods, tablets, GPS's and the like.

FYI there is a show on ( I think) "The History Channel" called 101 inventions that changed the world
it is well worth the hour or so of your time if you get this channel to check that show out.
Joan03 Jul 2 '16
Obviously electricity is a must for all of our household gaggets but I think internet is one of the greatest inventions. You can get plenty of information within a short time, you don't have to use printed dictionaries any more, you can read the news and come on, we are here and can talk to each other even if we live at the other end of the planet!
cod1964 Jul 3 '16
i would say spear/ knife. with out it early people would have had a hard time bringing an animal down for food to eat lol
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jul 8 '16
I'm thinking short of an EMP, there is no reason to visit the stone age again....
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Jul 8 '16
Thank goodness... what would I do without a dishwasher!  
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jul 8 '16
hire help?? 

Kimo Jul 14 '16
Marisa Jul 30 '16
The best invention was AIR CONDITIONER! 

(says Marisa when it is 105 F / 41 C outside in the shade). 

acej Jul 30 '16
louisb38 Oct 15 '16

I'd say electricity, without it most of our current day things would not be here. No air conditioner, no computer....

And without a computer, there would be no need for an internet.

davemac Apr 4 '17
Has to fire

No fire no silicon to make any electronics

No fire, no tools from iron or any other metals, including knives

No fire, no pizza. I rest my case!

mcpbrian May 11 '17

I would have to say it is the computer. Without them, we would have never gotten to the moon, figured out how to drill for our oil and gas, make knives and everything else better in our lives.


spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU May 12 '17

Willi Jan 16
I believe, that the ability to pass on and preserve knowledge is the greatest invention and the basis of a productive and steadily progressing society. Thus wtiting is the greatest  invention ever.


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