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spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Mar 5 '15

Do you even have one?


Your soul was around during the fall of the Roman Empire!


Your soul is among the most ancient. It was around at the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. You beheld the dramatic shift that took place in Western culture as Monotheism spread across the world. If at times you feel like there is nothing original in the world and you have seen it all, it's probably your soul telling you that it's time to try something new. After all, it's hard to keep such an ancient essence feeling fresh and content.

wind090 Mar 5 '15
Corina63 Mar 6 '15
I got the same too - 1500 year old soul.
Jstnona Mar 6 '15


You truly are one of a kind! Your soul is brand new and it's never been here before. You experience the world with the kind of freshness and joy that few others can muster, because your soul is still excited by every fresh aroma and every beautiful sound. You are struck by the wonder that is science and art, and you can't seem to soak it up fast enough! Enjoy the bright and shining world before you, you're seeing it for the first time.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Mar 8 '15

Your soul was around during the Industrial Revolution.


Your soul is the perfect balance between ancient and new, it saw the modern world but it still carries the wisdom of an ancient soul. Your soul was around during the Industrial Revolution, when the world burst into modernism. Your soul was there as scientific discoveries and mechanical inventions made the world clearer and more efficient and functional. There's a reason you always want the world to function as it's supposed to, it's your soul.

And I thought it was just my body that thought it was 200 years old !!!

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Jstnona Mar 9 '15
Ahhh, now there are three of us. For awhile there I was thinking perhaps my being the only young soul was due to senility LOL....
Securitygirl18 Apr 10 '17
A Brand new soul


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