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AnastasiaEL Aug 7 '17
Anyone ever been love scam? I've been reeling from the shock since dec. Been scam thousands and I'm still repaying .. I still want to find love and that is why I decided to join datingnmore because this website been mentioned in romancescam.com That is why I feel safe in this dating site.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Aug 7 '17
AnastasiaEL, I think you can find the answer in this topic: https://datingnmore.com/site/forum/topic/766

Also please see this topic : https://datingnmore.com/site/forum/topic/106 regarding scammers and this site.

We are glad you feel safer here, but you need to keep in mind that you and you alone are responsible for your own actions.

Below are some tips to help you avoid scams:

Never ever send money to a stranger!! (an online friend is a Stranger because you have not yet met  in person yet so they by definition are a Stranger). Think like this, if it was your child what would you tell them?

A relationship that develops quickly is highly unusual, especially if it is developing online only. A video chat system may show someone's face, but is not a substitute for an actual face to face meeting. VR (Virtual Reality) software used on video chats these days can make it so you are chatting with a virtual character, not even a person. This is important to keep in mind at all times.

Keep your real identity to yourself, and all of your personal information that goes along with it. If the person you are talking to gets mad because after 6 months of "online talk" and after you meet in person you share your real name ( or some other personal ID info) then they don't have your best interest in mind, especially when your best interest is your own safety. It is one thing to give out a VOIP (Skype, Google Voice, etc) phone #, but your real landline or cell # needs to stay to yourself. After you have met someone face to face and in person and are comfortable giving out your real ID information, do so. Keep in mind trust is earned, not given.
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