Marisa's groups

Cats ~~ Gatos
For everybody who loves cats. Share your cats pictures and stories. Para los amantes de los gatos. Comparte tus fotos e historias.
63 members
Dogs ~~ Perros
For everybody who loves dogs. Share your dogs pictures and stories. Para los amantes de los perros. Comparte tus fotos e historias
119 members
Travel ~~ Viajes
For those who like travelling. Share your pictures, stories, experiences. And maybe you will discover a perfect vacation spot. Para aquellos que les gusta viajar. Comparte tus fotos, historias, experiencias.
324 members
Dating ~~ Citas
Are you single and in an active search? Share your dating stories (good or bad), tips and tricks for online and offline dating. ¿Estás soltero/a y buscando tu media naranja? Comparte tus experiencias (buenas o malas), observaciones y consejos.
218 members
Home and garden ~~ Hogar y jardín
Are you into cooking, house remodeling, decorating, gardening? Love to have a cozy beautiful home? Share your projects, pictures and dreams. ¿Te gusta la cocina, la remodelación, la decoración, o la jardinería? Comparte tus proyectos, imágenes y sueños.
83 members
Arts and Crafts ~~ Artesanías
For artists and crafters, share you passion.  Para los artesanos, comparte tu pasión.
41 members
Fashion ~~ Moda
The group for girls: to talk about clothes, fashion, makeup, shopping. Para hablar de moda, ropa, maquillaje y compras.
25 members
Cars and bikes ~~ Coches y motos
To talk about trucks, cars, bikes and adventures. Para hablar de coches, motos, camiones y aventuras
51 members
Computers ~~ Computadoras
For everybody who is into computers, gadgets and technologies. Para aquellos que estén interesados en computadoras y tecnologías.
47 members
Books ~~ Libros
If you like reading, this is a group for you, discuss your favorite books. Si te gusta la lectura, este es un grupo para ti, habla de tus libros favoritos.
79 members
Sports ~~ Deportes
A place for all sports fans. Para todos los fanáticos del deporte.
102 members
Music ~~ Música
A group for everybody who likes music. Un grupo para los que les gusta la música.
218 members
Photography ~~ Fotografia
For those who love photography, share your work here. Un grupo para los que les gusta la fotografia.
97 members
TV ~~ Movies ~~ Películas
Discuss your favorite movies, TV series, shows, actors and actresses. Para hablar de películas, telenovelas, programas, actores y actrices.
121 members
Nature ~~ Naturaleza
A place for everybody who loves nature. Un lugar para las personas que les gusta la naturaleza.
98 members


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