Pacific NW
Washington State
2 members
Music Videos for Ever
Here we can enjoy music videos and songs that Never ceased to be heard for their high musical quality, couse. after all good music is life and energy.
2 members
Charlas interesantes
Para conocer chicos que quieran tener charlas amenas y divertidas.
1 members
Netherlands/ East European
Woman that want to have an serious relation with Dutchies
2 members
Cubanos en DatingNmore
En este grupo nos reunimos los cubanos y las cubanas de todo el mundo.
4 members
Travel  experiences
  I invite all  members to share their  experiences about  traveling around the  world  and also  about couchsurfing.   All  comments are welcome and feel  free  to pen the cave of  Ali Baba˘!
2 members
mujeres solteras mas bonitas
Un grupo social
2 members
Bones, Antlers (sheds), skulls collectors
This group is for all the people who like to collect antlers, skulls, and bones from animals. This is my hobby.
3 members
japon latin
buenas aqui reunion de japoneses y latinos
3 members
well, this group is seeking any canadians who may be on this site . do i have anyone out there that wants to jion??
2 members
Wine Lovers, Vino
Hello wine lovers around the world. Please share your favorites!
8 members
50 years and more....
This group is for the people that have more than 50 year for meet us more, speak about likes or dislikes and make plans when we can, this is for enjoy our own lives and experience. Este grupo es para los que tienen 50 años o más, conocernos mejor, hablar de nuestros gustos o de lo que no nos gusta,...
3 members
Culture, Traditions, Taboos
Since we are an international group I would like to know what is appropriate in your culture, what you celebrate and how, what are your cultural taboos. Would you like to share it with us?
2 members
friendship, express your feelings
It would be nice to talk to many people on this site. To talk about customs, feelings and life experiences. Lets get a good discussion going. 
2 members
Nature ~~ Naturaleza
A place for everybody who loves nature. Un lugar para las personas que les gusta la naturaleza.
97 members
How much do you know yourself?
Most of us live just to live.  Nothing about us is unique,  From the thoughts we convey to the clothes we were. We complains only to blow steam but rarely change much. To some of us creativity and dreams died right after childhood.  Our opinion is base on what we hear therefore we are...
4 members
Climate change
Let's share!  In the spirit of camaraderie, and sincere concern I am inviting everyone to share heir ideas, feedbacks, experiences and other relevant matters concerning climate change.. Please do! We only have our earth to live! 
3 members
paras las chicas/os que le gustan los latinos
He aqui para conocer chicas y chicos, acepto criterio de como es la persona que buscas y nada escribeme, o quizas yo sea esa persona
1 members
Veteran's Support
A support group for military veterans of any country. A place to connect, share experiences, and support one another. 
6 members
a  double adirondak bench with icechest in middle and cup holders in front of the chest
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