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 Iam sure many of you have Facebook. Have you notice or come across scams? I have been receiving emails to work for Facebook but you must pay a fee and then you will get almost 400 a week, that sounds like a scam to me. I also notice that there are more scammers on there. I seem to draw them in lol but I check them out and report them. is anyone else having these issues on there?
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 9
FB is full of scams, as are nearly all social networking sites. 99 to 100% of the emails you receive offering jobs are scams. it is 100% unless you contacted the prospective employer first.

No Real job ever involves paying a fee to get that job.

No real job ever involves using your own bank account to "transact for the company".

No real job ever hires without a face to face interview.

No real job ever involves receiving shipped goods, opening them, and reshipping them to a different address.

Also anything called "Mystery shopper" jobs are scams. There is in fact a mystery shopper organization, but the real organization does not pay the outrageous amounts the scammers advertise ( $100-$300 per shopping trip), and it does not pay you in advance before you go shopping. They are nothing more than fake check scams.

Here is an interesting article on emailed job scams: http://stop419scams.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4

Other scams on FB include scammers cloning your "friends" then sending you invites likely so they can eventually infect your computer with key loggers to obtain your usernames/pw's on the sites you go to.

not to mention all of the typical 419 scams, dying widow(er)/ patient/ person. Trunk boxes with tons of cash/Gold inside. animals for sale or gift that don't really exist, you just pay for shipping (and refundable insurance if you pay the first fee). Next of Kin scams. Payment representative, pay $XXX to get an ATM card worth $XXXXXXXX, marry a Nigerian Prince ( LMAO), etc, etc, etc.

the fact is if it can go into an email and you have been Spammed with it, it can go on FB or any other social networking site.

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Apr 9

Yup, many scams on FaceBook.

Marisa Apr 9
Facebook is choked with scammers, but the most annoying part is that they never remove them even after report. I reported tons of scammers, but always got the same response: "we reviewed the profile but didn't find any violations". So, I quit reporting, it's pointless. Seems like they are only after "fake news" profiles (witch hunting and closing Trump supporters profiles), but don't care about scammers and porn. 

Stupid Schmuckerberg... and the horse he rode in on. 

They did say they removed several but I think they come back as someone new  lol. I only accept people I know and delete the rest tired of reporting them .
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 11
I am not a FB expert by any means, but I've been told that there is a way to set your profile so that only your friends can see it. That is of utmost importance to avoid most scams on FB. it is something each person has to weigh out, do you want more communications from people ( includes scammers) you may know... Or do you want more security.
I took more security.but they do have hackers also they try to inter your page by a. Friends request of someone you know..so before I except I get ahold of the friend. Lol it's getting to be more trouble then what it's worth lol
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 12
I think this is what you are describing (below)... hackers clone a friend of yours page (the important thing is it is not your friend, it is an impersonation of them), then make up some idiotic excuse of why they need to re-friend you, etc, etc, etc.. eventually leading a key logger ( malware that logs the movement of your keyboard, then sends it to a specified person or via a remote connection.)
Quote from billyHill
Other scams on FB include scammers cloning your "friends" then sending you invites likely so they can eventually infect your computer with key loggers to obtain your usernames/pw's on the sites you go to.

if they are successful in getting you to download the keylogger, they then have access to everything that you do on that particular computer.


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