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Number1 Jan 22

Not sure if this belongs in "Serious discussions". This is something I wrote a few years back... Thought I would share it here.

From a truckers point of view....

Driving tip #1.
What qualifies me to hand out driving tips? I've logged several million miles behind the wheel of a "Big Rig". In that time aside from the numerous small birds, rodents and reptiles I've turned into road kill, I've only hit three things big enough to damage my truck. 1 Deer, 1 Antelope, and 1 wild free range kitchen stove that was out of it's element!!
I make no claims at being a great driver.... shoot I make no claims at even being a good driver!!! However I am a blessed driver. From day one I have traveled under God's protection whether I have remembered to ask for it or not! There have been days that when I get parked in a truck stop for the night safe and sound, I am amazed that I'm still on the green side of the grass or that numerous people in four wheelers aren't on the dirt side! All I can attribute this to is to reference a song called Jesus Take The Wheel!
I also know that there are some truckers out here that shouldn't be licensed to drive a moped let alone a truck. I believe bad truckers fall into 1 or more of the following groups.
1) The Rookie, not necessarily a bad driver, has good intentions but lacks the experience to make multiple split second decision all at once to get himself out of jam.
2) The guy that got his drivers license out of Cracker Jacks Box. May or may not have years of experience but lacks the knowledge or believes he's king of the road and doesn't care to operate in a safe manner!
3) The driver who's having a bad day. Somebody pooped in his Porridge that morning and it's all gone down hill from there. His give a damn is busted!
Four Wheeler- Anything smaller than an 18 wheeler. For illustration purpose, AKA. BB gun!!
Big Truck - Anything weighing 80,000+ lbs. AKA Canon.
On to tip #1.
When sharing the road with a truck, stay as far away from it as possible. Another time zone would be preferable. The safest place to be is behind a big truck! I know you can't see anything from back there. You can see all you need to. My brake lights and turn indicators. If you travel at a safe distance behind me, if I have to make a panic stop, no matter how hard I stand on the brakes, you will not hit me. Unless you're not paying attention. It will be similar to shooting a Bull in the butt with a BB gun, good chance he may not even feel it. Depending on the force of the impact, you have a good chance of surviving. On the other hand if you choose to travel in front of me and you have to make a panic stop, there's a good chance even if I react instantly you're going to the ER. If I'm other wise occupied, checking my mirrors, looking at my gauges, checking out the nice looking set of legs of the lady beside me with her feet on the dash,
or checking out what strange object I've recently picked from my nose, I will drive right over you!! It will be like shooting a Gopher with a Canon!! You will cease to exist!! Under no circumstance travel between two trucks or you run the risk of becoming the filling in a truck sandwich!! There's no coming out of that alive!!
So the next time you pull in front of a trucker so close that they can barely see your brake lights over their hood.... remember you could be dealing with a trucker that fits into one or more of the groups listed above and you're about to fight a duel with someone whose packing an 80,000 + lb Canon with a hair trigger and all you're packing is a BB gun.

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jetfuelguy Feb 9
Yep, I see it. Truckers need that gap in front, which cars are always sliding into.


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