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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jan 9 '17
From a guy I think the world of, Ted Nugent ( the rocker).

Ted Nugent13 hrs · 

Truth Logic & Commonsense turn me on. Wallow in it here on a daily basis won't you.
In honor of Dr. Thomas Sowell who just retired from his brilliant political commentary career at the glowing age of 84, one of America’s genuine living legends, a few random thoughts on the passing scene:

With the killing of five and wounding of eight more at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, just how much more wasted tax dollars are Americans willing to throw at local, state and federal governments for the facade of keeping us secure before we realize that our security is our responsibility and that abdicating that responsibility to government is a dangerous proposition. Unarmed and helpless is unarmed and helpless.

More than likely the Fort Lauderdale Airport is a “gun-free” zone. State-sanctioned “gun free” zones is state-sanctioned barbarism. When the government can tell us when and where we can protect ourselves, that’s pure tyrannical barbarism.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 36,000 Americans die each year due to the flu, which is 6,000 more Americans who die as a result of a gunshot. Interestingly, there has never been a resounding hue and cry by liberals to “Ban the Flu!”

The Russians didn’t hack the election in November. The real hack has a name: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Capitalism is the best economic system ever developed by mankind. Socialism and communism are the worst. Governments don’t create wealth. People do.

Mr. Trump should not take his sights off of the National Teachers Union and other teacher unions as he prepares to drain the swamp. They are every bit as evil as the red tape that Mr. Obama has used to strangle private enterprise. No government employee should be allowed to be a member of a union.

Ask yourself this: Would our founding fathers agree with sanctuary cities? Be honest with your answer.

President Reagan was right when he said a nation without borders would soon cease to be a nation. Build the wall, Mr. Trump, and guard it like you mean it.

Your healthcare is largely controlled by you. If you don’t care about your health, you shouldn’t ask for someone else pay for your healthcare.

If gravity failed under the feet of the four Chicago teens who tortured the youngman live on Facebook and made him say “f$%@ Trump,” would anyone miss them?

We would be wise to cast a suspicious eye at the major television network news programs and the pages of big city newspapers where the truth is becoming a rare commodity.

If guns cause crime, then all of my guns are defective. Happy New Year. Drive safely.

Kimo Jan 25 '17
Was always a gun lover nugent by the way - was seen always very right wing too - even exhibiting guns at live shows tho no wonder he post such things....
Willi Feb 6
Of all the countries I lived in so far, I feel safest here in the USA. I definitely believe in liberty and the right to self-defense. It is also my belief, that state-controlled health care is detrimental to a country, because it does not provide the care needed. And the result of open borders is now clearly visible in most of Europe. King Vlad was perhaps the last leader, who was aware of the threat from the East and did something effective about it. 


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