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billyHill Dec 10 '16
I found this here :

Nigerian love scam busted
  • 25 Nov 2016 at 10:19
  • A police officer gives details of the five suspects of an online romance scam at Provincial Police Region 4 headquarters on Thursday. JAKRAPHAN NATHANRI

    Police have arrested two Nigerian men and three Thai women for allegedly swindling a Thai woman out of more than 500,000 baht. Bank books indicate the men may have received up to 50 million baht from other victims.

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    Copsnab Nigerians over B500,000 swindle

    Jakraphan Nathanri

    Khon Kaen: Police havearrested

     two Nigerian men and three Thai women forallegedly swindling a Thai woman out of more than 500,000 baht. 

    Provincial Region 4 police identified the Nigerian men as Okwutor Odion Peter, 29, and Jeremiah Saturday Ndion, 27. 

    The three Thai women were named as Jerati Saisin, 30, Natcha Thongbai, 30 and Ketsara Maksri, 34. 

    All fivesuspects werearrested by police during araid on a condo in Bangkok's Bang Kapi district. Officers alsoseized a number ofpassbooks issued byvarious banks, ATM cards, 15 mobile phones, and a notebook computer. 

    Thesuspects tried to destroy thepassbooks and alist of their victims as policeburst in on them, Chatupol Panraksa,actingchief of Police Provincial Region Police 4 said. 

    Checks found the Nigerian men entered Thailand in 2014 on tourist visas. 

    Their visas had expired and had not been renewed, Pol Maj Gen Chatupol said. 

    The arrests followed a complaint from a woman who owns a rubber /plantation in the Northeast whoclaimed she was deceived by thesuspects into transferring more than 500,000 baht to them in October. 

    The Nigerian mencontacted hervia Facebook posing asengineers for a well-known global company, Pol Maj Gen Chatupol said. 

    Thevictim had been incontact with them for more than six months before the gang told her they would soon be in Thailand and wanted to meet her, the officer said. 

    Later, the Nigeriansclaimed they had arrived in Phuket, but were being held by immigration police for having money that exceeded the amount permitted by law, Pol Maj Gen Chatupol said. 

    They told the woman they had to pay tax on theexcess money, and asked thevictim to send them 500,000 baht. 

    He said the gang oftentargeted women in the Northeast wanting to marry foreigners. 

    Theseized bankpassbooksrevealed more than 50 million baht had been transferred to the gang. 

    Pol Maj Gen Chatupol said two other women from the Northeast had also filed policecomplaints in the last few weeks. 

    According to police, two of the three womenarrested were the wives of the Nigeriansuspects and the other was a friend.

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    Northernlady55709 Jan 31 '17
    I'm always happy to see a scammer busted and arrested!
    jetfuelguy Feb 9 '17
    Yep, very common on dating sites.


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