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shylady Nov 18 '16
Hi all my friends i plan to visit Melbourne could you please help advice me for beautiful place to visit, i will go everywhere by train i want one day trip in Melbourne city
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 25 '16
I don't know if Google is on your list of search engines or not, Shy. But if you put in the city name and "places to visit" in the search box it usually comes up with some interesting answers. also try "places to go" in Melbourne. ( use the quotation marks like I did when you do the searches).

I did that for a buddy that was coming from the UK to Las Vegas a while back and it was very surprising of the results, and he actually went to a few of the places that he really enjoyed. I live a good 6 hour drive from Vegas so I couldn't really just name places off the top of my head to him.
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spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Nov 25 '16
Hi Shy, I've been to Melbourne (a long time ago) but can't think of things to see.

Try this site, it might help you...

https:///...iABwQri4IgQEwEQ ;

shylady Nov 27 '17
Thank you everyone I already come back to Thailand, love Melbourne  


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