Is it possible to find true and real love on a website?? | Forum

holliep Nov 6 '16
I'm interested to hear everyone's views here....... in answer to the question.... I'm not sure
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Nov 6 '16
You'll find the answer to that by simply reading the posts in the Success Stories Forum.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 19 '16
Holliep, I met my wife on this site and we are about to celebrate a ten year anniversary soon. Many factors come into play to answer your question but the simple answers are "yes" and "anything is possible".
cersie Dec 24 '16
It depends on both parties to make it possible.
gypsywind Mar 11 '17
I met my husband on this site and we are about to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  Yes it is possible.
Calidude8989 Jun 8 '17
I have been looking for a while online and have not found a person for me
Petermanc Jun 13 '17
Yes. I think it is. If both parties put the effort in and they have good luck
darkshadow0001 Jun 15 '17
I think so.  I have met a few ladies on this site, so if both are willing to work it out I would say yes.
Corellian Jul 3 '17

Every person can find anything on a website, what should not be lost sight is that a website is a way like any other, phones, chats, group meetings, conversations between friends ... know someone has What to see more with the communication, what you communicate and what you see.

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anav23 Nov 16 '17
yes, I start a online relantionship then we living together for 12 years
stevenj Nov 19 '17
I think it's totally possible. While I've yet to meet someone real besides scammers. I've noticed it forces you to focus on communication which is absolutely vital and leads to deeper trust, and if you can get that key point down strong first hand instead of having the stress of sex or anything else, that can get you light years ahead of most other non internet relationships. I'm not saying that internet relationships are better, since there's things like body language and indicators like that missed online. It is possible and yes, many success stories
cameronm Dec 22 '17
Steven, you are in the same frame of mind as myself, down side is that communication I seem to late in. Maybe you should start a forum on this.. I for one wold be interested. 
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AndyAndy Jan 2
Marisa Jan 2
It is possible, but you have to remember: on the bigger sites you can just place a profile and wait for others to contact you. Though you will probably be flooded with messages from scammers and camgirls / pervs (depending if you are a male or female). On the smaller sites (especially with no scammers/spammers) you have to do all the work and contact people yourself. Otherwise, your mailbox will stay permanently empty and you will never find anybody. 
allegory65 Mar 9
I am just starting and encouraged by your replies.  Some are "no" but most are positive.  Thanks!
AlexanBond Mar 10
in our life everythings possible
Tilly59 Mar 15
I am hopeful, just joined this sight. Was not happy with other sites. 


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