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Marisa Oct 13 '16
Would you date somebody who doesn't like pets?

And additionally: would you dump a partner who mistreats your pet? 

coloradosweetheart Oct 14 '16
I can live with or without pets.  However, if I ALREADY have pets, they're part of the package.  It's the same with my partner.  I've never been a "cat" person, but the one I have now came with the husband.  I've fallen in love with her, but I haven't become a convert...I still prefer dogs.  Once we lose her, I doubt we'll have any pets for a while.

Additionally, I would most DEFINITELY dump a partner who mistreats ANY animal, whether it's my pet, his pet, or someone else's...and he would, too (he just happens to be sitting next to me as I type this).

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 22 '16
I'm with Coloradosweetheart on this one. Right now we don't have any pets, and now is not a good time to have one. I also prefer dogs, but large ones. Where I live only permits a 25 or 30 pound animal

Mistreat can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people, so I'll clarify what I mean when I think of mistreat.
Mistreat to me means to harm, either intentionally or unintentionally. Forgetting to leave a bowl of fresh water on a hot day is forgivable (assuming it doesn't happen again), but at the same time locking an animal in a hot car without the air conditioner on is a death sentence to the animal and therefore is serious abuse / mistreatment. I would not be involved with anyone who mistreats any animal.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Oct 22 '16
Yup, I'm an animal lover too.  A few days ago I got a rescue cat from the RSPCA.  She's an adorable 8 month old tortie.

I've always had a cat, they make wonderful companions.  As a child we had both dog and cat.  I cannot understand how anyone can mistreat an animal in any way.

Woe betide anyone who comes between me and my cat.  

johnc23 Oct 23 '16
It all depends initially if you are allowed pets! If you are allowed pets then this is where the pet argument starts.

I for one, am one that is not allowed pets where I live but in my early days had 4 strains of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. All bitches and all had lovely characters & very easy to train!

So having given a bit of personal pet history, yes I can tolerate pets, as long as, like anything else, they are well trained and well looked after. 

If they are not then yes we will get a situation where there will be certainly a compromise sought. Failing a compromise then departure of the person is probably a wise thing.

It is entirely the responsibility of the owner of the pet to state what it is & will it basically like a new member of the family into their domain. 

So the pet owner has an up front duty to tell the person he/she is dating, the score.

This will help with dating I'm sure!

Marisa Oct 23 '16
One of the reasons of my divorce was my ex mistreating our family dog. Of course it was not the only reason, but probably it was the straw that broke the camel's back and forced me to file for a divorce. I've noticed the dog started being afraid of hands and feet, and she was biting everybody who tried to touch her. I started watching and caught him sneakly hitting and kicking her. And she was a big dog, a German Shepard, not a Chihuahua!! After the divorce I was left with a mentally unstable and abused BIG dog, who would bite everybody, even me. I could never go on a vacation or invite people in the house. This dog we adopted together, she was not "mine" or "his" dog, it was a family dog and she was with us for 10 years. It was his initiative to adopt her, not mine. I was more of a cat person back than.

He was a BAD person and I don't regret divorcing him, even though the divorce costed me $130,000 ... 

coloradosweetheart Oct 23 '16
Marisa, that would be enough for ME to divorce someone.  IMO, someone who abuses animals will likely abuse spouses or children as well.
Marisa Oct 23 '16
yes, Crystal, definitely,  he was a coward, he would beat those who were weaker. He knew that if he put a finger on me I would kill him, so he found an easy target: the poor dog who used to be nice and sweet, she loved and trusted him. And even though he never dared to hit me, I also ended up mentally affected: I started being afraid of big dogs (never was before!) and still am.
Bluerider003 Oct 23 '16
Growing up our family had cats and dogs.  When I moved on my own I've lived in apartments and do not have pets.  If I lived in a house I would get a pet either a dog or a cat.  Mistreating animals directly or indirectly would make me mad and who knows what might happen.  To me people who mistreat animals and children and old folks are cowards and should be treated as such, because mistreating the helpless who may not be able to defend themselves is a crime and should be punished to the fullest degree by the Law.
josephg2 Nov 22 '16
I doesn't matter to me
Marisa Nov 22 '16
josephg2, if it doesn't matter to you, than don't answer. And your stupid answers in all forums topics just to earn credits (for mass-mailing) is a perfect example how to get yourself BANNED.
Gringo Nov 24 '16
I would need a partner who liked dogs as I have 4. Three of my dogs are real creampuffs, but the big male hates cats, so cats are not part of the equation. Dogs have been part of my life for over 50 years so not liking them would be a deal breaker.
susana23 Nov 26 '16
I do not have any pets. My little dog was killed by a big Shepard many years ago. I have never gotten attached to another dog.  I have had several cats since then, I do like cats very much.  I can not tolerate mistreatment or neglect of any kind to any animal. It just makes me very angry. I live in an apartment but if I were allowed I would like a little Chinese Crested dog or a cat again.
bros259 Dec 10 '16
you can have both
cat43822 Dec 16 '16
I love my little dog. And I would not be with anyone that would mistreat an animal.
yingk Dec 16 '16
For me, the dog and cat Nua They are like my children, everyone.
And I will defend them if attacked.
Catdad Dec 19 '16
Already had to deal with this. My pets are family. If someone doesn't like cats, the "au revoir"
LadyJ Feb 2
If my partner hates pets, or animals it is a deal-breaker for me.
jetfuelguy Feb 9
I've been a 'dog person' going way back. Yes I can put up with some hair & fussing.
Lytharia Feb 10
Definite animal lover right here!!  Yes, I would have to be with someone, who at the very least could be tolerant of animals. Any cruelty to my, theirs or anyones animals would not be tolerated. I am not a vegetarian (although I have considered it) but there is no need to be cruel even in the event of being a meat eater (trying to find a way to say that without being blunt lol). So, yes animals ... NO cruelty.


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