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Marisa Oct 13 '16
Do you care where a person works? if they have a job at all? how financially stable they are? Do you think what they do for living speaks about a person?

Just honestly, we are not the double-faced politicians. 

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 19 '16
So I'm guessing your answer, Ian, is no, you don't care if they work? or how financially stable they are, or if their job says anything about them?? 

In my case it depends on the person. I can support another person ( and I do support my wife and daughter), but since she likes doing her job and it is income she is welcome to do what she wants. I don't see what a person's job has to do with them as a person, provided they are enjoying what they do. If they do not enjoy their work then it may become an issue depending on that person's outlook on life.

My daughter is in college now and i hope she gets at least a part time job to help her learn the value of work and money.

I don't care how financially stable anyone else is. The more important is the insides ( some may call them moral standards and actions). There is an exception to this rule ( in my book), if a person is well off, and acts or behaves like they are above anyone else, then I stay away as much as possible. We are all people in my book and just because you have a material possession does not make you any different from me or anyone else. All of us on Earth bleed red blood. as far as I am concerned, that is what matters most.
wind090 Oct 19 '16

On that question it doesn't matter to me if the other one has a job or is "financially stable", but it does matter to me if I am. In my eyes it is important to be able to take care of the ones I love and not only to be a burden to them. In my opinion in a good relationship you should be able to work as one. I've no high expectations but would like to be able to give what she deserves to the one I love. 

That doesn't mean I'm looking for a woman to sit at home and wait for me to be "her king" (as my scammers write it always so funny), but it does mean you need to feel comfortable with each other. The same way I won't ever accept orders by somebody, I wouldn never feel comfortable if somebody would ask me for "my orders".        

coloradosweetheart Oct 19 '16
I think that financial stability is important for BOTH parties.  If I spent my life being financially responsible, I don't want a partner who is not.  I've heard so many stories of a spouse who secretly ran up credit card debt, in either their own name or both, or a spouse who doesn't take their financial responsibilities very seriously...like my ex.  I used to fight with him, tooth and nail, to get his spending under control.

Yes, it DOES matter.  If you combine assets, you need to be on the same page.  All it takes is one person to do something stupid to drag BOTH down.

isle Nov 9 '16
important in the sense that if you cannot take care of yourself how do you take care of someone else
William75 Nov 21 '16
Love never works when no minimum money involved 

I love money, so I love working

bros259 Dec 10 '16
Money is the root of all evil we all want more and think we need more but as long as a roof is over your head food on table bills paid an you love each other then all is good
adventurer55 Dec 28 '16
Probably if you have been poor all your life, you dream of being rich and famous. But how many Hollywood stars have to become junkies to endure their lives, and how many have ended their lives at the acme of their careers? When are you really, really happy? Most will agree, when you have found someone you love who loves you in return. That is worth more than all the money in the world.
LadyJ Feb 2 '17
To be honest, it's a strong pull. And without money the one can't get to the other one if they are in different cities or countries. Without it they cannot focus on each other more, but instead have to focus on survival more than on each other. 
Lytharia Feb 7 '17
I agree with billyHill on this. Back to the balance thing again (ugh, I know LOL) What works between a couple is what works. Some women want to stay home, others want a career. The same with men. And for the third choice ... maybe they both do or don't want to have a career or stay home.  As long as they take care of each other and they are happy, what does it matter who is the financial or not financial person in the relationship? I have been all three


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