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Marisa Aug 9 '16
Since people keep asking this question, I decided to post a topic about it.

Let me explain you how it works. The basic matchmaking is based only on 2 criteria: gender and age of a person you are looking for. This is what everybody indicates at registration, these are the mandatory fields and everybody has them filled out. However, there is a 3rd field that is just as important as previous 2, but is not mandatory at registration: location of your match. Most people have it empty.

Lets say you are a man looking for a woman, between 25 and 45. You have that information filled out when you registered. So, our matchmaking system starts producing matches for you based on this very limited info. 

1) it takes all members and selects all women. 

2) it takes all women and selects those who are looking for a man (excluding lesbians).

3) it takes all straight women looking for men and selects those who are between 25 and 45. 

4) it checks what is the age of men these women are looking for. If your age is within their preferred range, we get a match here!! 

Great, so we have a set of matches for you!! Everybody who was weeded out during the first 4 steps becomes 0% compatible with you. However your matches are all 87%, not 100%. Why? Because the third important criteria as we mentioned above (location) is missing. The system is not sure if it's your perfect match, because it doesn't know your location preferences. Therefore 87%, not 100%. 

To get 100% match, you have to go here:


and fill out the location of your match. Then everybody who is now 87% and within your distance range will become 100%. So, now you got 100%, 87% and 0%.

From here you can fill out the rest of the preferences, that will fine-tune the results further, and you will get the broader results, not just 100% and 87%. And if other members also have this part filled out, even broader. But unfortunately most people are lazy and don't bother filling out matchmaking preferences. If everybody had those filled out, the results would look much more diverse and accurate, but.. we can only wish.

This is how it works, but keep in mind: we are not a matchmaking service. Our matchmaking is not based on appearance, personality, etc... It is not intended to find a perfect match for you, but merely helps you navigate through profiles.

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Aug 10 '16
Thanks for the reminder Marisa.  I've just tweaked my preferences 
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