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Mainstream1 Mar 4 '16
I was divorced in 2008, and it was ok. 2 years later, i clicked with a local waitress.  we had an immediate, deep chemistry between us. we went out for 5 years.  she was excellent in bed and had an awesome, strong sex drive (3x's a week).  on and about the 4th yr., the walls came down and i began to trust.  i fell in love for the 2nd time in my life.  i was on cloud 9, and i loved it! here's the rub; she is on SSI for bi-polar disorder.  she stopped taking her necessary medicine. she was absolutely crazy, threw me out over the slightest thing, after 3 days she acted like nothing happened.  i had to walk on eggshells around her, and i will never do that again. she finally ended our relationship and broke my heart.

that was a year ago, and i'm finally able to be objective and move on.  i had to lick my wounds and patch my bones.  never been around anyone like that, but we had a million-dollar love for a few years there

deli326 May 3 '16
I had a relationship like that. I was widowed for a short time. Found this guy on a dating website. We got along well. I had a great time with him. It lasted one year. I discovered he was bipolar. Suddenly I was no longer loved and respected. He started to criticize everything I did and whatever I did wasn't good enough unless it was his way. Our sex life went down to nothing. I gave him plenty of support when he went through rough times. Suddenly it was all forgotten. Now he is just nasty to me since we broke up. I have to stop answering his phone calls cause he gets me so upset. He just argues.  Why does a good thing have to end so badly? I guess i have to understand that he is sick. 
Workenman27 May 5 '16
I was with the woman of my dreams forb5 years. I knew she was bi polar and it was hard to deal with but it went OK for those five years.. Then II went to jail and everything changed she didn't love me when I got out... She sold everything I owned and kept what every she could use.... She also told me while in jail that she had been cheating the whole 5 years with a guy I had worked with.... So I can totally relate...

Constantineb Aug 4 '16
All that hurt it's just because there was no love at all , but rather lust and physical attraction and when that worn out it was left nothing in there . Love it's not a feeling only but actions that starts from a clean heart , that's why you don't want to jump in bed with anybody that just offers sex without making sure that the person it's trustworthy , each person in a relationship must bring in evidence that it can be trusted ( trustworthy ) and for that it takes time and personal interaction on daily basis so that you can get to know each other without intimacy so nobody can get hurt .


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