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elizabeth1 Jan 10 '16
His name is Pupig, a pitbull puppy. He has front legs deformity. His previous owner returned him to the breeder when his deformity become apparent at 3 months old :( ..  All puppies were already taken except him. He was thin then. I took him, deformity and all. I & my kids kids give him tender loving care. So sweet and so lovable.
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spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Jan 10 '16
What a cutie and good on you for for giving him your heart and home.  
wind090 Jan 11 '16
Yes, he is cute. Can he walk on those legs without problems? Those breeders are ... (I better don't mention the word in here!)! They only think of the money, not of the dog's health, breeding with dogs that are close relatives to each other! Sometimes I wish they would, even if it was just for one day, have to suffer the same...   
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jan 11 '16
pit-bulls are known for their ability to fight and having jaws that clamp down very similarly to many sharks ( as far as method and strength).

I've found that it matters more of how they are brought up and all of the ones I know are just big balls of love.  But still a lot of people fear the breed, not the dog itself. So hopefully you can have a decent life with him and no hassles along the way.

Kudos to you Elizabeth for taking in an animal that otherwise may have wound up abused, neglected, or worse.. I personally believe animals like that know when they have a good family, and it sounds like you have given him a great family.
elizabeth1 Jan 11 '16
    Pupig is so sweet and so soft in his character that I think he will not survive if he will be out of our fence. Indeed, it brought tears to my eyes to know that this Pupig has already bonded to his previous owner.. and later on to be rejected. 

   He was thin when we got him from the breeder. He was not only the runt of the litter but also unwanted. Unloved. 
   Yes,wind090 he can walk well :).. Amazing to watch him play, run and walk as if nothing is wrong with his legs. Maybe he feels nothing is wrong with him :)

Marisa Jan 11 '16
I am so glad Pupig has a loving home now!!!  He is still a puppy, so he will soon forget his sad experiences, and will quickly adjust to a new family. If you think about it, it's good that his previous owner returned him back when he was still young, and not when he grew up in adult dog. When people dump adult dogs that's a real tragedy, a severe trauma, they end up in a pound and often put down. 

Kudos to you, Elizabeth!! 

Animals are the best. We have two.. pups.. about a year apart. They have become best friends and it is so good to see them together!


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