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Mehitabel Nov 14 '15
Hello, all.  I'm a newbie as of today and to get the conversation started I thought to toss out a challenge and see who recognizes my user name and where it came from.  This is the only place on the net that I use this particular one.  No googling.  ;)  You get extra credit if you can supply a quotation from the source.  Hint: It is a Biblical name, but that is not from where I chose it or why.
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coloradosweetheart Nov 15 '15

It's from a literary work (don't know the name).  A friend of mine named her two kittens from the same litter after the characters in that book, Archie and Mahitabel.

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Mehitabel Nov 15 '15
You got it!  It is from "The Life and Times of Archie and Mehitabel" by Don Marquis. It was originally written in 1927 by a newspaper reporter.  Archie was a cockroach who climbed on his typewriter and jumped onto the keys one letter at a time and was not able to use the shift key to punctuate or capitalize.  Mehitabel was his friend, an alley cat whose theme song  was "Wot the hell,wot the hell, tojours gai, tohours gai!  There is life in the old gal yet!"

Very few people I have ever run into are familiar with Archie and Mehitabel and they are two of my favorite characters of all time.  I come from a family of bookworms with very wide ranging tastes in reading material. LOL!

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 16 '15
Way to go Crystal ( for mehitabel, Crystal is aka coloradosweetheart). You might come to realize Crystal is one smart cookie :D

I personally only read books with pictures.... I have to read instructions and literature a lot at work. So I want as little of it @ home as possible.... except the fun stuff like internet chat (clap)
coloradosweetheart Nov 17 '15

Billy, you're too kind.  We're ALL rocket scientists, here!  LOL

The only reason I knew is because my friend explained the names of her kittens.

mcpbrian May 20

Hey guys, guess where mine came from. ( not as easy as you think)

billyHill Moderator
billyHill May 20
I thought your name was Brian, and you liked to eat at McDonald's.... hence mcBrian   o wait, its mcP.... I'll think more
billyHill Moderator
billyHill May 20
McDonald's and Popeye's Brian?
Silly me; I thought my username would save time by explaining what I do...lol


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