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Kasee11 Aug 19 '15
I would like to share one way two friends very far apart, were able to meet in person.  Abby was on her way from Singapore to visit her childhood friend in Indiana.  I am a few hours from the airport in Minneapolis where she had a layover.. We hatched the plan lol, and she took a much longer layover so we could visit, hug, and have an awesome chat.  ahahah the only thing was,, I kept feeling the need to type..  Here is a photo.. Singapore is now on my bucket list(not having a bucket list before)
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Aug 19 '15
Oh wow, you made me choke up just seeing your meetup photo.  How exciting!  Of course face to face is very different than finger to keyboard.  Awesome!!    
Marisa Aug 19 '15
Oh how cool Karen, I can imagine how excited you both were!! Thanks so much for sharing the pic. 
Kasee11 Aug 20 '15
Yes, Louise and Marisa..our meeting was surreal.  We are part of the "Nmore" ahahahahaha.  Odd and weird to think this was not what scammers intend to do but if it had not been for them...ahahhahaahaha  I always have enjoyed besting them.
coloradosweetheart Aug 20 '15

Judging from the way you guys chatted in the Shoutbox on the old site, I can only imagine the trouble you would have gotten into if given more time together.  LOL

I'm so glad you got the opportunity to meet face to face.  Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with us.

Kasee11 Aug 22 '15

  You are welcome Crystal.. I had such great fun..to finally be face to face..

Corina63 Aug 22 '15
Hi Karen.. remember me asking you  "what is a dream catcher"? i have fun chatting with you and Abby before. i will send you friend request again. That's a lovely pics, of u and Abby
beverly Aug 26 '15
Thanks for sharing your lovely pic Karen....nice seeing abby hugging you tight with a beautiful smile in her face.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Aug 31 '15
Abby, Kasee, glad the pair of you got to meet face to face. that goes to show the Nmore part of the site is very important.

Now we just have to work on Marisa for that Las Vegas get together for the entire site

Don't let her know I mentioned it though, I've been trying to get her to spring for the group for years now.... it hasn't worked yet
Kasee11 Aug 31 '15
Thanks Billy.. as for Marisa..she probably knew you'd mentioned it before I read it ahahahahah
Kasee11 Aug 31 '15
Thanks Corina and Beverly.. the actual hugs were worth planning how to get them lol
coloradosweetheart Sep 30 '15

Yeah!!!! Vegas, baby!  I'm soooo in!

Nick and I were talking about going there to celebrate our 5th anniversary in October, but I'm willing to postpone it for Auntie Abby.

Corina63 Oct 3 '15
Wow! Abby, glad to see both of you together, happy with cute smile


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