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Marisa Aug 17 '15
Just wondering what you guys like and dislike on other people's profiles.
Marisa Aug 17 '15
What I personally hate:

1) wrong location. And we are not talking scammers or liars, we are talking people who put as their location where they want to meet people from and not where they actually are. I have to correct that all the time, ugh...

2) stupid few words descriptions: "I am honest and kind" or "ask me and I will tell you". Geeeez, if you have nothing smart to say just leave this field blank, don't make yourself sound stupid!!! To say you are "honest" is like to say "I am nobody".

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wind090 Aug 17 '15
I like if the person writes something about her-/ himself. Not in the way: " I am honest, ..." and stuff like that, as nobody ever is able to value him- / herself in that way, only others are able to perform that, but in the way what she / he thinks about something, expects from life, from other people and so on, enablening me to make an image of that person in my mind by myself.    
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Aug 17 '15
A photo is a must have!

From that photo I want to build an image so state height or tall, medium or short followed by interests.  Interests allows me to build on the image and decide if that image fits with my own.  If it does then we could have something to build on together, it's a start anyway.

A pet hate is a description that simply says... "if you want to know something just ask".

I will never ask!  If you can't give a description then I don't want to know. 

wind090 Aug 18 '15

That's the point! If you don't know anything about somebody what shall you ask?! You always need something to start a conversation with.

If there is a profile without a photo and any text, what does it tell me about that person?!  OK, maybe she is shy, but by then it won't work, as nobody will contact her and (as she is shy) she won't contact nobody.  Another reason might be she is just curious, wants to have a look what happens, take a look at other profiles and maybe will write to others, but by then I would expect that Person to write to me first.  But what it tells me mostly is just: "I don't want to tell you anything about me, but expect you to be an open book for me, so I can choose or refuse you like a good I can buy on the market!"   So if you ask me, I hate shopping and if I could be bought I would be that expensive that nobody could afford me!     

jpinder1087 Aug 19 '15
i agree with marisa on the location part. ive had that happen to me alot of times. a girls profile will say shes from canada. turns out shes living in texas or some other place . another thing i dislike is email addresses. i know it may sound like a stupid answer but its true. especially if the girls a scammer.
jpinder1087 Aug 19 '15
hey wind090. some fear there profile pic being stolen. and thats why you could say people dont put one up. for example i was on one dating site which was 95 percent fake. all scam profiles of girls who do cam shows. woman asking for money.they use pictures of porn stars and random people
Marisa Aug 19 '15
if you place just one picture on your profile scammers will most likely not steal it. They don't need one pic, they need more to convince a victim they are real, so they usually go for pictures of people who put online the entire gallery, so they can have a full set: with family, kids, pets, etc... 
wind090 Aug 20 '15

There is one important point with a profile: It has to attract your attention.  What profiles do you take a look at? To me it are the ones with good pictures, interesting usernames, from sometimes people who write in the forums and of course of people who visit my profile.

But then there is the problem of getting in contact with each other!  I usually don't write to people who aren't interesting at all. You always need something to talk about, no matter if you want to be just friends or if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. So to me, if I shall start a conversation on a picture  it needs to express something. A picture of a beautiful person is just that. A picture of a person, marked by life, showing real emotions is much more! It provides me a look inside of what I expect of that person and makes me think about that person. The same is if you just post pictures without any persons as they may show your hobbies and interests.

The same is with the texts in your profiles: If you write something real about you in there, telling maybe about your everyday life tells me much more as if you write "I'm nice and cute and...." Don't tell me how you see yourself, give me an opportunity to get my own impressions!

...and of course if you take the courage to write to me I will answer, as people who don't even are able to say "No, thank you I'm not interested in writing to you!" in my opinion are just some kind of ... ! (Put the word in there for yourself, but it is not a nice one!      )   

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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 7 '16
I'm just curious TerryB33, is that a man with any woman in the same pic? or do daughters, mothers, and other relatives not count towards the turn off ? Not that I would ever post a picture of my family on the world wide web for the world to see, but some people do and they are proud of it.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 8 '16
hey Terry, norms around here??  HA HA HA!!!   There is no such thing as a norm around here, unless you find a person named Norm. We are all different here, just as the world and its occupants are. The only thing we preach is to follow the forum rules in the first forum called (for some strange reason) "Forum Rules"

Be yourself is the best answer for posting around here, and keep in mind anyone in the world can read what is on the forums, so it might be worth thinking a little before posting it.

You are absolutely right, until you meet the person and others in a photo you have no idea if they are who they say they are. That is something worth remembering.

There is video chat you can use after you are comfortable with a person to see if they match their picture, but the comfort level really has to be there before I would consider a video chat with anyone.
bros259 Dec 10 '16
In a profile it must be complete and no lies and no fake pics if you say you live in Calif. the start talking and you say you are in UK big turn off
LP14 Dec 17 '16
Proper English. If they don't have it they are a scammer.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Dec 18 '16
Oh?? This is an international site.  That means all nationalities in our membership and obviously not all those speak what you would call 'proper English'.  For that matter not all Englishmen speak proper English either.  It certainly doesn't make them scammers.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 18 '16

Quote from LP14 Proper English. If they don't have it they are a scammer.

I had to bring the quote over from the last page. Yeah, what Spectrum says is very true. Many of the visitors of this site use English as a second or third language. What they know and dialect with is common for the area of the world they are in, not necessarily common and proper for you where you live.

Heck, Briton, Aussie, and US English are no where near the same and they are the largest English speaking countries in the world.

When I moved from the east coast to California it was like moving into an entire new world, even though the same language is used. It is not used in the same way here. It took me about 3 years to get the dialect here, and I often still hear "you aren't from around here, are you"?

Chances are good you listen to a New Yorker, and a Southerner and hear the different accents in their voices, not to mention the words are not the same if they describe the same event, either. 

LP I think you made a real bad choice of words using "Proper" as your pick, but it is your life and this is a free country. If you want to limit yourself to the people you communicate with because of "Proper" English, then that is surely your choice.
LadyJ Feb 2 '17
Guess what - Its rather intelligent not to post your very best pic on your profile, so that when the person eventually meets you, it will be a very pleasant surprise to realise that you are even better looking in real life, than on your photos (wink) ...
Lytharia Feb 7 '17
I do not like all the pictures to be with sun glasses on or looking away from the camera. Some of that is okay ... but if you wont look into the camera ... are you hiding something or think your so sexy you dont need to? LOL that is what runs through my mind. I also like to see pictures with a friend or something they like to do. Not the holding a fish or dead animals head to show they can fish and hunt.

I agree with the one sentence stuff. I find I am more attracted to the profiles that let their personalities shine through a bit and get a bit creative. Otherwise leave it blank (yes I know, I am getting there LOL) and hope your photos catch my attention.


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