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poetsam Jul 12 '15
My dear brothers and sisters are we really ready to ascend with him to the heaven?
Kimo Dec 20 '15
Well if there is such a thing as heaven or hell who knows - you might tell us if yer arrive up there.... Just drop us a call....
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 20 '15
gee, no one sent me an invitation asking for an RSVP.... I guess that means I'm not important enough to be invited
wind090 Dec 21 '15
Billy you should know: You won't get a invitation to your surprise party!
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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 21 '15
Oh, is that how it works, Wind??  Gosh, that sounds like now I'll have to be in good clothes, well maintained, and all that stuff just in case I walk into a party no one told me about??

Nah, no thank you. I'll still look like the bum / hobo I choose to be and if anyone doesn't like it, then it is their problem


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