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Number1 Jul 6 '15
I just finished reading " The Natashas " By Victor Malarek and am just starting to read " The Johns " by the same author. If you want to know how cruel this world truly is this is a good way to find out!! I don't believe violence is a cure for anything... but in this case I'm willing to make an exception. A sniper should be sent in until people get the message. Kidnap someone with the intention of sexual slavery and you will die is the only way to stop this.

I believe these books should be mandatory reading in every high school in the world. 
Number1 Aug 14 '15
Finished "The Johns" awhile back. This is really a sick world!!
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Sep 3 '15
If I even had a clue about it, I'd offer something # 1. I know what I've seen on TV, and some documentaries. and the fact is wherever there is a market for something, that need will be met. By unscrupulous or the other sector of people.

Note: I am not voicing an opinion one way or the other
Number1 Sep 3 '15
Thanks billyhill. No opinion needed. The books were a real I opener for me that's all.


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