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Darlene Dec 26 '16
I would be willing to emigrate for the someone that I have a future with.  
Latinadventurer Dec 31 '16
I am more than happy to emigrate. Actually I am planning to purchase a home on the Isla de Roatan.
Have two homes, one in each country and travel with the seasons! Honestly the world is only an air flight away so the world is our Oyster. 
CultureFusion Jan 7 '17

Am sorry, 

We need to be realistic, it's truth that having a good partner and been in love make things easier, but not every country is suitable for everyone. We have to take into consideration, jobs, overall safety, and democracy!

I wouldn't expose myself to a country that's well known for their lack of democracy, decent Jobs, and other social issues for the sake of Love, if am in love with a sincere, decent professional woman from one of these countries, she would have to be the one relocating. 

janaj Feb 1 '17
I would
LadyJ Feb 2 '17
I am not fond of my country - So yes. But it will depend also - Because I am not fond of some other countries too. I am adventurous. 
Lytharia Feb 10 '17
There is no question, if we were serious ... I would definitely emigrate. Especially if he had a position that held him in his location. I think the only stipulation I would have, would be to be able to travel to come back and see friends and family or that they would be able to come and visit.  Otherwise, kiddos are all grown and on with their lives and we don't see each other a lot away from celebrations ... so I don't see the deterrent. I can learn a new language or new customs. Going from one end to another in the US can be a culture and language shock LOL ... so another country does not seem that different.
jaanusr Feb 19 '17
I emigrated once and the reason was, that for me is easier to find a job, than it was to my partner. 
CultureFusion Feb 20 '17


Perhaps that could be your chance to learn another language?

Or do you think the entire World should speak only English because you are English speaker?

Just saying!

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Feb 21 '17
and I'll add in, bluerider has the right to his own opinion, in the same manner that everyone on this site has that right.
UltimaThule Feb 23 '17
I did. I moved to Ecuador, not knowing Spanish before I left, so intense studying followed. It all depends on how willing you are to adapt to a complete change of language and culture, go for something similar (same language/culture) or stay put. We then both emigrated again to UK, and are planning to move back to Ecuador again later this year. However situations will be different for everyone, and what works for some, might not work at all for others. Best thing is to carefully evaluate the situation and make a personal choice on such decisions. 
princemanob Mar 10 '17
Yes, I want to emigrate.
servicedogtrainer Nov 10 '17
I would have to think about emigration long and hard.  Everything and everyone I hold dear is here, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't consider emigration if I thought that was the best choice for us as a couple.
wavespell Nov 13 '17
I would be willing to emigrate to a country where most people speak English, as I am an American. I have learned French somewhat, but speaking it without an accent is very difficult. There are obstacles to overcome in getting the necessary paperwork approved by government officials and learning different customs. However, true love is worth almost any price, n'est pas?
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