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SiteBot Feb 8 '15
Are you willing to emigrate? That's the question.

In general this is a international site so I guess we all look for that special someone even if he/she is in another country. 

But what if you find that special someone? Do you plan to take a LDR, do you expect him/her to emigrate to you or are you willing to relocate yourself? 

A LDR works to some extent but there comes a time you want to share your life together and without a ISP, mail or telephone company in between. 

mamashoo Apr 11 '15
I agree with u Gina..you can be happy anywhere you choose to go as long as your in love..
AmeliaCastillo May 18 '15
I believe that the place of a woman is right beside her man so I would be willing to relocate. Having worked for a multinational organization enabled me to get an idea of the different customs and traditions but of course, being actually there is a different story. That's why I prefer somebody from an English-speaking country because the no. 1 obstacle that I have to hurdle is communication. Also I have observed that these English-speaking countries like the U.S. Australia, Canada, U.K. New Zealand are highly intellectual people in the sense that even if my partner doesn't happen to be a college graduate he can still interact with me on the same level. I'm not after the benefits or convenience these countries can offer since I can practice my profession and earn a living anywhere I go.

I saw some highly educated individuals who are still primitive in their ways and beliefs ( I'm not racist and don't want to mention names) and they are also from 3rd world countries.

AmeliaCastillo Jun 16 '15
Yeah Jerry I agree with you and my interpretation of that expression you love "University should be as much about lighting a candle" = not everybody has the chance to get university education, so being in a university is not something to boast but rather you use the education to touch other people's lives and be a good example that is beneficial to the underprivileged "as it is filling a cup" = as much as it is an additional achievement that makes you well equipped in life's struggles and sets you apart from the rest.
Kimo Dec 20 '15
Why would anyone from an english speaking country be more intellectual or more clever than from other countries - there are primitive or stupid folks in every country lol

Here in belgium without at least speaking the 2 national languages french and dutch + english (plus any other EU language more is a plus) there is no way to get an office job here.

I was accountant at siemens europe here and had to have 4.... When i worked at lufhansa financial direction in paris many years ago i had to speak perfectly french german and english - they are 27 languages in the EU - tho sure first of all you have to learn the or the languages here - here in belgium are 3 official ones...

French, dutch and german - and tho there is no favoritism between communities all internal notes like all softwares are in english lol

If you call a french belgian he will never accept that you speak with him in dutch or english - and a firm will never employ an accountant or what ever office position if he not speak at least french dutch and english....

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AmeliaCastillo Jan 4 '16
I said people from english speaking countries are highly intellectual people because these countries like I mentioned are all highly developed with high standards. I know that german, italian, spanish and chinese are all international language but english is the most preferred language written or spoken. You don't need a college degree to be called an intellectual because some people learn from the "school of life" where experience is the best teacher. And sure you will agree that being raised in a modern civilized environment rather than the primitive rural areas spells a big difference.
wind090 Jan 4 '16
English is that prefered because it is that simple compared to the other languages. In some sciences other languages are also widely used, like French in enology, the tradional latin in medicine and so on. German did more and more disappear after World War I until it almost totaly disappeared thanks to that chancellor and self decleared leader we imported from Austria. ...but besides that I guess for most people from all over the world it would be much more difficult to learn the German scientific vocabulary and to incorporate it into a scientific text (not to mention the grammar) than it is with the English!    
Jantjedpx Oct 14 '16
I would be willing to emigrate. 
friendsfornow Oct 16 '16
Most countries use English for communications too and ev en in schools,home lanuage and others are used for educstion. Yep, I would emigrate too if I loved someone and want to share rest of my life with him.
johnc23 Oct 16 '16
To emigrate is a BIG pull on both the mind & the bank balance. And the paperwork to get it right. A lot of consideration is needed in all these categories for the procedure to work. Trust with the opposite number is equally important and there should be plenty of ideas as to the format the emigration procedure takes. Each will then get a good idea as to who is relying on who to get the procedure into action or if the whole thing was a mistake?

In the norm if you love someone then emigration is a path to that happiness & Good Luck.

holliep Nov 6 '16
Yes, I would be willing to emigrate. If you love someone, you want to be with them, wherever they are...... if not, you obviously don't love them enough
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Veteran4630 Nov 9 '16
Definitely life is for living
Bedroomeyes Nov 11 '16
Why not coconut 
gustavog2 Nov 11 '16
good evenning everybody!!!! i would, why not? you get to know new cultures and people.

Gringo Nov 24 '16
I would emigrate for the right person, but it would be difficult with my 4 dogs. I would prefer to have the other person emigrate here.
Kirk64 Dec 8 '16
Why not ? Depends on how you earn a living I guess but seems reasonable

bros259 Dec 10 '16
hat depends on where they are located at
cat43822 Dec 14 '16
Yes..I would 
Catdad Dec 19 '16
It would entirely depend upon my finances and the country.
matahari Dec 25 '16
If l find my mr right here of course l would willing to emigrated
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