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DJAnthonyJohnson Oct 8 '15
How interesting as you pointed out that she was in two different location so why would she lied about it.

Warning sign that I saw was her age which tell me something else. I've already met four or five scammers all in the same age range which I steer away from. I just don't understand why they have to start something here???

Marisa Oct 8 '15
We have our fair share of idiots and scammers here.  

To be honest, some are just mental retards. The latest exhibit is soo229. Not a money scammer, just a loser from Minnesota, some of you might know "him" from our forums and chat. 

IT registers as a male. Then as a female. I boot off a "female" and nicely ask a "male" to stick to a "male" version. Trying to be nice to "him" because I understand he is not a scammer,  just a pathetic lonely idiot, sitting in some butthole in Minnesota. Doesn't work. In 2 days "he" bombards me with 20+ (!!!) emails, both as "he" and "she". IT's final email is a threat to report me to a Better Business Bureau. So, we are scammers again!!! 

Bottom line:

1) Folks, be careful!!! Many online profiles are placed by mental retards who shouldn't be let to use Internet, anyway.

2) Don't read those stupid "reviews". They are placed by the very same retards. People who are happy don't leave "reviews".

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 10 '15

Quote from Marisa We have our fair share of idiots and scammers here. 

2) Don't read those stupid "reviews". They are placed by the very same retards. People who are happy don't leave "reviews".

I'd say more idiots than scammers, scammers do sneak in on occasion but are generally not here long at all.....  I won't comment about them other than to say, trust is earned, not given is always a good rule to follow.

Marisa, are you suggesting that a person like me does not exist relating to reviews?  I believe that if I am willing to say something bad, I also am willing to give praise when it is deserved, too.  Look at the following : ( I am Billy M)





out of the 7 reviews I have done on the above site, 4 ( more than half) are full of praise.  Last time I checked I was a real person. Possibly I am unique ( which is why everyone loves me so much  ), none the less, real. 

Marisa Oct 10 '15
I am talking about reviews of DnM!!!! Each and every "review" that I see online about our site is written by somebody who got booted. Our regulars who love this site never left a single good review. Only losers keep "spreading the word". But I don't give a rat ass. People find dating sites from Google and not from "review" sites.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 10 '15
so where is this review site you speak of?? I'll bet most if not all of us ( myself included) have no idea it exists. it isn't on Yelp. or if it is, i'm getting a can not find it error.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 10 '15
this review is a scam in itself : <edited out - Marisa>
The Forum post is edited by Marisa Oct 10 '15
Marisa Oct 10 '15
That was NOT a review left by a an ex-member, it was a review by another reviewing website and I removed it. Why do them promotion??? And yelp has nothing to do with it. Yelp is a yellow pages for local business.

Billy, forget about it, please lets not dig in it any further. With link dropping, etc... 

Kimo Nov 4 '15
Well funny nevertheless - that said i found the forums to be more funny and more people participating before than now - even by messaging people now with friendly words 90% don't even answer back - tho it's a bit less a community of friends than it usted to be - how come?

Maybe it's because i'm 5-6 years older now too lol

wind090 Nov 5 '15

No, I guess that's because your audience here has changed! I guess there is a difference betwwen people who log in into such websites with PC or mobile... 

There are the ones of us who want to interact with others, taking part in the forums and so on and then there are the ones who are "that important", they are just creating a profile besides their busy real life (if they ever got something like that), so that all the world can find them and start to pray to their new god / godess!      So they do sit where ever they sit, being bored and waiting for you to write to them. (... and if you do so, they don't read what you've written, but take a look at your profile pic to decide if you're worth to write to them! )

If you ask me, I can only be friends with people I can respect. ...and I only can respect people who respect me to the same amount as I respect them! So I definitely can't respect somebody who just sees me as a means of entertainment, you can just switch on or off like TV or Radio.    

Petermanc Jun 16
I love this site. Everyone is so friendly.
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