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SiteBot Feb 8 '15
If cats can have their own thread it's only fair for dogs to have one too...

coloradosweetheart Feb 13 '15
Gareon, it would be sacrilegious NOT to spoil your Boo!  He's an adorable pup.

I lost mine in 2009, and I used to spoil them as well.

coloradosweetheart Mar 19 '15

Velvet used to sleep in the strangest positions....

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 9 '15
Mike258 Aug 19 '15
I just got my dog back from the vets and a friend asked how much would you spend on that dog? 

I told him whatever it takes that is my best mate and I would do anything for him.

I love him more than I love most humans.

janices Sep 2 '15
I love dogs and mine gets spoiled rotten!  She's a Jack Russell and her and I are very attached to each other.  She is very loving and a good little watchdog.  Her name is Guppy.
Pete1955 Nov 23 '15

Not my puppy, but the puppy of a friend.

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 28 '15
umm.... so what can I say, Pete??  Glad you found a Bit@h you can play with?? 

Marisa Nov 28 '15
What a cute little thing!!!! 
Pete1955 Dec 7 '15
Billy, she did steal one of my shoes, so yes, never trust any female.

(Damn shoe was almost as big as she is, but she managed to drag it two blocks away before leaving it in the middle of the street.)
coloradosweetheart Dec 7 '15
How adorable!  You know about us girls and shoes....
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 7 '15
you should be glad you found it so soon, Pete.... if you had given her another hour or two both of your shoes would have been missing.... and you might not be blaming the puppy !!! 
Pete1955 Dec 18 '15
Well, my ex used to put one pair of my shoes she declared 'stinky' in the middle of the yard to air out.   I had trouble finding them, also.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Dec 18 '15
sounds like you were already "trained" to go look outside for your shoe, Pete
wind090 Dec 18 '15

But the puppy hopefully is more cute than your ex, so you can forgive her more easily! (At least I hope it is that way, otherwise you might have done something wrong...)

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Sep 13 '16
hey Trimybestonkik, you may want to try using the button that looks like a camera to upload your photos with. If you use that button the pictures will display in the post, no clicks involved.
jetfuelguy Feb 9
This girl will be two years old in May. She's not settled until after a long morning walk.
  IMG_0169.JPG (120Kb)
dano2704 Feb 18
My Lady !!
Marisa Feb 19
what a cutie!! I love spaniels. 
Pete1955 Oct 2
Here's the same mixed breed puppy I posted earlier,  now fully grown, but a very playful and affectionate dog.
(But not interested in tennis balls)   

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