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Jstnona Apr 23 '15
How do you feel about the technology taking over roles of human beings? Does it make you nervous?

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 23 '15
LMAO @ Nona.... I'm going to guess you got this one out of the same newsletter I get !!!!

Or a more scarey thought.... somehow we are watching the same things at the same time, for no apparent reason???

Robots are the future. Whether we like it or not. I don't think we are at the tipping point for them taking over the job market yet, but we will need to plan for that eventuality.

Jstnona Apr 24 '15
Actually not, Billy.  But, I cannot guarantee the person that sent it to me did not get the same newsletter you did. LOL   I found the concept unnerving...I do not want to ask a robot questions. Especially, that they do not have the ability to joke or laugh.   Also, the only humans I now see or converse with, with the exception of the infrequent visits from my family, are when I can get to store or to a MD's office.  So if that is taken away from me...I shall be basically living in a non-human world.
Kimo Dec 14 '15
But it's already like that since many years humans replaced in any shopping center here it's mostly self scan now which suppresses like 80% of personnel tho it's fast as every 20th or 30th client are only checked.... Same for gaz stations 90% here are credit card only and self service all that cut 70% of workplaces that existed before..... They name it progress lol


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