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shylady Apr 18 '15
I am into little fanclub of Montreal Canadian team..
shylady Apr 19 '15
Now time for playoff what about Pittsburgh?

For the habs  they won two game a bit play hard for the last time..they will win again today go habs go 

shylady May 12 '15
Maybe next season our team will meet..now mtl meet lighting score is 3-2 lighting..today is important for mtl..wish they win today...go habs go..
shylady Jun 27 '16
This year mtl start with great point ..but now 

davemac Apr 2
You appear to be having this conversation on your own.  Every time I try to watch ice hockey I see a team in white with blue shoulder pads, and a team in white with red shoulder pads. When the camera zooms out, I see a load of white and have no idea who is playing for which side. This is a problem of being colour-blind, which is me and 8% of men worldwide, plus 5% of women, thats a lot of lost viewers, and with so many colours to choose from why not make it more obvious?


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