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Jstnona Apr 6 '15
I shall make the fresh aparagus...on of my favorite meals.

What to do with leftover Easter Eggs
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Apr 6 '15
My Easter eggs are chocolate and there is no such thing as leftover... 

But those devilled eggs and the guacamole stuffed eggs look good and easy 

And diabetes approved as well. 

coloradosweetheart Apr 6 '15
Asparagus...YUM!!!  That looks sooo good, Nona!  I don't color eggs, but I bookmarked that page for all the great ideas.
Jstnona Apr 6 '15
Are chocolate Easter eggs an Australian thing, Louise?  In case you happen to have any left over....here are some delicious looking recipes.  I never saw such an assortment of chocolate eggs...

Things to Do With Leftover Chocolate Easter Eggs


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