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Jstnona Apr 2 '15
Coloring books and printable online coloring pages for adults have become very popular.

                Coloring Books for Adults

Although I have a problem keeping within printed lines I found the online coloring pages usefull.  
When water leaks destroyed my antique botanicals I used online fern coloring pages to try and duplicate them.  Put them on a light box, using water color paper, placed drops of water within the lines, then drops of water colors.  Using colored pencils, especially water color pencils, I imagine the same effects could be obtained.
This is one of the group I did:

coloradosweetheart Apr 2 '15
I can imagine that coloring books for adults are becoming popular.  I was babysitting a friend's kids for a few hours.   The girls brought coloring books and a big box of various crayons, pencils and markers.  It was rater cathartic, coloring with them. 
coloradosweetheart Jun 12 '15

I just saw this article about them.  Some of the designs are quite pretty.


janices Sep 2 '15

I never thought I'd be interested in coloring, but I really do like the adult coloring books.  Dover Publications puts out some really wonderful coloring books called Creative Haven and they are rather detailed, but I like that aspect because I'm a detail person.  And I really like the fact that I can explore my creative side with all the different colors and shading.  I find it really relaxing and I get lost in it sometimes.

And since I like to design cross stitch patterns, I thought downloading the finished colored pages into my design program would be a really cool way to make some patterns.  I've been having so much fun with it and it does keep me busy and out of trouble.  lol


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