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Jstnona Mar 19 '15

Today is St Joseph's and Fathers Day in Italy.  As in Italy, I and other Italo-Americans observe the holiday with a form of Zeppole.
Cream puff type fritters, filled with sweetened ricotta, topped a cherry or a rich pastry cream, topped with a strawberry.

The first known St. Joseph day celebration was by the Ancient Romans, in 500 AC. They would consume large quantities of wine and wheat-flour fritters to celebrate the two divinities on St. Joseph's Day.  The modern-day recipe for zeppole, however, was created fairly recently. It is believed that this type of fritter was invented by a convent of monks at the beginning of the 19th century.
The first written recipe dates back to 1836 by Ippolito Cavalcanti and was penned by Ippolito Cavalcanti, a Neapolitan nobleman, who included the recipe in his book Cucina teorica-pratica col corrispondente riposto ed alcune nozioni di scalcare ... con in fine una cucina casereccia in dialetto napoletano.
coloradosweetheart Mar 21 '15

Yummy looking treats, there!

Aside from the ricotta cheese filling, how do these differ from profiteroles?  Are they made with a choux dough as well? 

Jstnona Mar 21 '15
Yes the same dough.  But, they are fried vs baked. 
maxi Apr 19 '15
Looks good count me in
truesally Apr 20 '15
They look so delicious。。。


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