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ginar Mar 13 '15
I'm not quite sure, whether my question concerns the IM Chat or the flash player video chat. If while on main-board one hovers over the profile pictures of the online users, there's very often to be seen "CHAT NOW" as soon as the short profile description pops up. On my avatar I don't see it. 

Does one have to activate this option somewhere? Is it concerning the IM chat (I do suppose so)? And what does it affect exactly?

Couldn't figure it out yet....

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ginar Mar 13 '15
Ok. In order, not to generate unnecessary work:

wind090 explained it to me. The fact, that I can't see the "CHAT NOW" sign, doesn't mean, I hadn't activated the chat. In deed, I have. I'ts only because I can't chat with myself. 

And yes, it is concerning the IM-chat

Marisa Mar 13 '15
Glad you figured that out, yes, wind explained it to you correctly. 
coloradosweetheart Nov 17 '15

Even though this is a clear violation of DnM's Terms of use (#2), you'll get jerks like that on ANY site.  I can't tell you how many of those pics I've seen on other sites.  Seems there is a bit of a generational gap there as well.

Young'uns don't have any qualms about sending pornographic pics of themselves.  Just ask anyone in middle school.  There are even fake apps to hide stored porn pics from parents' prying eyes. 

Marisa Nov 17 '15

Quote from BCandthe123

I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of how things roll around here. 

and on other sites things are better? All members are polite educated and serious gentlemen and ladies? lol

Welcome to the Internet!

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Nov 17 '15
Any violation like that should be reported to Marisa or one of the Mods.  The perpetrator will be removed from the site.

The chat window should disappear when you click on the top bar of it.

wind090 Nov 18 '15

Ooooogh!  People who send Pictures of a penis usually got none!

I once gave the advice to a friend who often got adressed like that, she shall answer such guys she likes "role playing" and most of all she likes to play a shepherd while the guy will be the sheep that didn't behave right! Then she shall post a pic of such pincers used for castration!  

mcpbrian May 12

As far as I can tell, the chat button is active when the member is online at that time.


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