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knowzdamnwell Sep 6 '17
Hello everyone I just joined this site trying to learn my way around here so bare with me, I am hoping there is honest to goodness real people here and not a bunch of scammers like on other sites. I just recently become single a month and a half ago so im just trying to lick my wounds and move forward in life. My name is Allen by the way I look forward to making some friends maybe more who knows. Thanks for reading!
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Sep 6 '17
G'day Allen and welcome from Oz.  You can have fun by joining in the games or commenting in the forums or if you prefer to just search for a compatible friend go to the search button and enter your requirements, ie. place, age etc.  Then you can send that person a private message and see how you get on.  But first go to Forum Rules and read so that you don't upset anyone.  Good luck. 
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Sep 7 '17
Hi and welcome to DnM. Do you prefer Allen or Mr By the Way?   you can also upload, vote on and comment on pics and videos here. Ask and answer poll questions. Join or create groups. Post on people's walls, send gifts (a sort of "i want you to notice me" gift), and likely more than that too.

There are FAQ's at the bottom of each page that generally answer most questions. Beyond that there is a help forum here under the general tab. If you can't find an answer to your question in either place please post it in the help forum. Chances are real good someone else has the same question so you are helping more than yourself by asking.

oh, and edit to add yes we are a bunch of real people here.... On a rare occasion a scammer does slip through the door, but they are escorted out quickly . See this topic for more information : http://datingnmore.com/site/forum/topic/106
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knowzdamnwell Sep 7 '17
Thank you both very much!! Billyhill please dont call me mister i already feel old enough as it is seriously I will answer to anything. I can handle a rare occasion of dealing with a scammer. Thank you both again!!


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