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Monikaspb Jun 12
I want to know the opinion of the men.

There are many the male`s  profiles at the site without photos.

 These men are very actively, but they don`t want to show their faces. 

Normally their messages are correct, without obscene suggestions.Why the men  hide the faces and what to do with the messages from them?

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Jun 12
There could be many reasons why people don't have a photo.  Maybe they don't want to be recognised by friends or even their boss, maybe they're cheaters not wanting to be discovered and maybe they are just shy.  Maybe they have only just joined and their photo hasn't been approved yet in which case you would see it soon and the lack of photo doesn't apply only to men.

Have you asked them 'why no photo'?

What you do with those messages is entirely up to you. If you're comfortable with the message then answer it.  If something uncomfortable happens later you can always block the sender from contacting you again.  So no harm done.

runea Jun 19
maybe they are searching for the best photo to put on the site or as spectrumAU said good luck hunting


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