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selwynq May 7

Many years ago when homosexuality was kept in the closet, it was never a problem to have a few gay friends or two who did not flaunt their sexuality when around you or in public and were very circumspect in how they conducted their personal affairs. There was never any talk of homophobia then as there was never any reason to fear or even hate homosexuals. But now, with the advent of the gay rights movement and their fervent and persistent badgering to have their cause engraved in the consciousness of the general public, it's understandable that this sort of activity and approach would engender fear (and even hate) in many straight people__ fear of being surrounded by too many gays; fear of their children becoming gay; fear of themselves becoming gay. After all, we are all the same kind of humans, aren't we? Gays are not of a different species so it's more than likely that whatever is causing them to be gay could very well affect all of us the same way, not so? And especially our children! Yet the powers that be see it fit to pass laws legalizing gay marriage and making it possible for gay couples to legally adopt children and even to propagate their lifestyle to our children in schools. And there is no stopping them now! The prospect of a predominantly gay world looms large indeed! How frightening! And this, my people, is what's driving homophobia today__ FEAR! But is this the kind of world we really want? Is this what's to become of mankind, God's greatest creation?! Why are we allowing this to happen? To what benefit? Is being gay makes someone a better human being? I read an article recently in which a mother said she is happy that her son is gay and thanks God for making him so. Imagine that ?! So we have already reached a point of total acceptance of homosexuality, it would seem. Our world has become a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah! GOD HELP US!

LGBT people are quick to claim that being gay is not a choice. And they are absolutely correct! Therefore, it must be a malady of the mind that causes some people to be gay, a case of nature gone horribly wrong, wouldn't you say?! IT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE NORMAL! And as intelligent beings, we should not be encouraging homosexuality but making efforts to cure those infected by this malady. Besides what the bible says, we aught to know that homosexuality is wrong simply because it goes against nature. And human life is too precious to be viewed in such a light. If you are supporting and promoting homosexuality, then you have no real love of humanity (nor of self).

An article in which a father discusses the healing process of his son's Gender Identity Disorder (GID) can be a source of understanding and encouragement to parents __ ncregister.com/site/article/15....

Also, the National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality has an excellent review of GID available on its web site __ p://www.narth.com/docs/GIDRevi....

And if you didn't know it, being gay in some parts of the world is like a death sentence. Check out this harrowing tale of the life of a young transgender woman who was brutally murdered by an angry mob of revellers at a street party that she dared to attend. This is based on true events which occurred in Jamaica, a country where homophobia reigns supreme__ Just go to Amazon and search for "Trans Agenda_ a Way Out For Wendell"

Okay__ all you lovely folks reading this, I will gladly welcome your comments on this novel. And also, please let's see some opinions about this article, okay?

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Marisa May 7

Well, the "death sentence" in other countries is fully compensated with insanity of the western world, where it's in fashion to love and support LGBT. If you dare to complain against Sodom and Gomorrah flooding the media, all mentally enslaved liberal morons will immediately label you a fascist. 

Personally, I don't care who sleeps with whom. This is people's personal choice, lifestyle, whatever. But I don't want them to shove their sexual preferences down my throat: from TV, from the stage, from the internet, etc... Just like being straight doesn't make me special (and I don't shout about it on every corner) being gay doesn't make anybody else special as well, so please keep your sexual preferences to your bedroom.

Quarnicus May 8
 Phobia == an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

homophobia == irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuals or homosexuality

It's one of the words whose use is usually misused... "key word here (irrational)".

Most people do not have an irrational fear, they just don't like it. Nothin irrational about it, and no fear involved... unless you see your child going down the wrong path because they are being constantly bombarded by leftist propaganda in the schools and mainstream media saying this is good..==.not an irrational fear.

I don't like asparagus, I don't have asparagusphobia , I don't like it. Nothin irrational about it, it tastes nasty....lol

It's like trying to pretend a biological state as in male or female is a feeling...  sorry that's mental illness, you cannot deny your natal gender.. you either have an inny or an outy ...lol

Number1 May 8
Food for thought. I had never heard it explained this way before.

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