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I do not know, if this is the correct place to report this, or whether other people have experienced it or not.

I tried to login to the site last night, and this address at datingnmore was constantly directing to some other site called singles4real.  Since I had never been there, i don't have any viruses or other issues with my pc, I was wondering why it happened?  That website is still there but for me it had completely hijacked your web domain i simply could not get to this website, until now at the time I am writing this message.
spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU May 3
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Now you're in the right place.

I think I know what happened but I'll leave it to Marisa to explain properly.

Hopefully it won't happen again.

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Marisa May 3
Please make sure you ALWAYS enter this site using your Internet Service Provider. No VPNs, no proxies, no IP hidding software, no anonymizers. Because if you do, you will end up on that site. This is also our site (no viruses or malware, don't worry), but this is where we redirect scammers and people who are trying to hide their IP address. Because genuine users have no reason to hide their IP. This is how we keep this site scam free, making sure people are at locations they claim in their profiles and that's why we are different from other dating sites. 

Anyway, if for some reason you end up on that site again, DO NOT register there. Everybody is a scammer on that site. Just double check your IP address. 

ok thanks, for the heads up
billyHill Moderator
billyHill May 4
and an additional FYI, if you use Opera or TOR browsers they can change your IP without your knowledge and you will very likely see Singles4Real   Stick to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, or whatever your typical browser is to land on this site.
That's strange...I've been playing around with TOR for a bit, and I was just able to sign in to DnM.  The site didn't change.  I guess, I'm not as anonymous as I thought.  I'm, by no means, an expert user.  I've just been playing around, here and there.  Pages sure look differently through the "eyes" of TOR.  LOL

This post is through Chrome.

Marisa May 5
TOR keeps coming up with new IPs every day (because old ones are being blocked by many sites). I am trying to keep up with TOR. Scammers, especially Senegal, use it a LOT, Nigerians usually use more sophisticated VPNs, but Senegal is almost always on TOR.  You were probably on a fresh TOR IP that I haven't blocked yet.

The good news is that TOR doesn't help Senegal scammers much, I spot their stupid profiles right away and simply don't approve it. Senegal just helps me to collect more and more TOR IPs to block.  

Well, I just gave you another one to block.  
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Marisa May 6
Not really, this software doesn't show IPs of forum posters. Only of new registered members. 


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