Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this site free?
A: Yes, it is 100% FREE. No fees whatsoever, no different membership levels. You can contact other members absolutely free.

Q: How do I use this site?
A: Just like any other dating site or social network, we are no different! You search for members you like via Site search, then send them a private message. Of course you can also poke them, send them a gift, post on their newsfeed or comment on their pictures, but you will get a much better chance of response if you send them a nice meaningful message and properly introduce yourself.

Q: Can I buy credits with money?
A: No, our credits are virtual, just to boost the site's activity.

Q: What should I do if I don't have enough credits?
A: There are many ways to earn credits: post in forums, join and participate in groups, upload photos and videos, answer polls, etc.. Also, if you don't have a picture on your profile by adding a picture you will gain additional 10 credits. Similarly, if you remove avatar you will lose 10 credits.

Q: My credit balance was reduced. Why?
A: If the administration believes that you are abusing the credit system and your activity has the only purpose of gaining credits, like adding contradicting answers in polls, adding forum or group posts one after another with nobody answering (basically talking to yourself), uploading too many of similar pics, etc.. the activity will be erased and points will be taken away from you. The repeated activity of that nature might even lead to account suspension. Also, you don't earn credits for uploading pictures to private albums, only to public albums.

Q: How do I add an avatar?
A: You can do it on your profile page, there is a "Change avatar" link over there. There is also a link on your Dashboard.

Q: How do I add pictures?
A: You can do it on the photo pages. There is also a link on your Dashboard.

Q: Why cannot I upload avatar?
A: In most cases the reason for that is simple: the picture you are trying to upload as avatar is TOO BIG. The limit is 2MB, 1500 x 1500 pixels, which is a lot, a very reasonable limit. But many people try to upload those HUGE 3-4MB pictures right from their cameras. This is not a suitable image size for the Internet. You need to resize your pictures before trying to upload them online. If you don't know how to do it on your computer or mobile device, there are many free online services that resize pictures for you right away, just Google "resize picture online". Your image also cannot be too small, the minimum is 190 x 190 pixels.

Q: What can I use as avatar?
A: Only your own photo showing your face. We don't allow generic images as avatars, like cartoons, pets, cars, celebrities, etc..

Q: How do I change my matchmaking preferences?
A: You can set the age of your desired partner by editing your profile and changing the age range of your match. Other options you can adjust in matchmaking preferences section.

Q: Why cannot I find anybody in my area?
A: Because it is a small site with limited amount of members. The main point of Datingnmore is being SCAM FREE. How can one effectively monitor a huge site with millions of members and protect them from scammers? The only way to do so is manually check every single profile: IP address, email address, pictures, description... everything! When a site has hundreds of registrations per day it is simply impossible.

Q: What are Hearts?
A: You earn 1 heart per one valid login per 12 hours. Later you can share hearts you've earned with other users by clicking on "Share Heart" link on their profile. If you have an automatic login on (in other words, if you ticked the box "Remember me" at login) the hearts will not accumulate, you have to actually login with your username and password in order to earn a heart.

Q: What are Polls?
A: This is a section where you can ask questions which other users will later answer and create a voting poll. You should ask some interesting questions that everybody can answer. This is NOT a section for asking site-related questions and it is NOT intended for the personal communication with another user. An example of acceptable question: "What is your favorite movie?". An example of NOT acceptable question: "Why I cannot upload avatar?" or "Hi, how are you?" addressed to another user.

Q: What is Newsfeed?
A: A newsfeed is a public area of profiles that everybody can see (unless a user made it private on their profile). Everything you post there (on your own newsfeed or on other people's newsfeeds) is not private, everybody can see that. This is like writing on the wall. If you want a private communication, send them a private message.

Q: What is Poke?
A: This is a Facebook thing, like getting somebody's attention which we extended a bit. If you click on Poke it will give you options to poke, hug, kiss, wink or spank a user. You can do it privately by ticking the box "Poke in private" or publicly. If you choose the latter, a poke will show up on theirs and yours newsfeed.

Q: How can I login with Facebook?
A: You can login with Facebook only if you originally created an account permitting you to login with Facebook. If you registered the regular way without Facebook login you cannot, sorry. You will have to delete an old account and re-register using "Login with Facebook" feature. Please don't create the double accounts! If you wish to re-register with Facebook, delete your old account first.

Q: How long are chats and private messages kept in my mailbox?
A: For three months.

Q: Why my conversations and private messages disappeared from my mailbox?
A: Messages are only kept for three months. After 3 months they are deleted from server to save space. Other possible reason is that your recipient deleted their profile.

Q: I am not getting any notifications on my email, why is that?
A: You will only start getting notifications on email if you don't visit the site for over 2 days. If you visit daily, you will only get on-site alerts, as the system assumes you are here and can see. You can change that through Preference section and choose to always receive email notifications, regardless of your online presence.

Q: How long does it take for my profile to be approved?
A: Usually few hours. Up to 24 hours if administrator is busy. If your profile is not approved after 24 hours, than it is not approved at all, means you don't fit our site, sorry. Please register elsewhere, there is plenty of other dating sites for you to register.

Q: Why my profile was not approved?
A: Because we don't approve everybody, we are quite picky whom we take on board. Some profiles don't fit the site or look suspicious. We also don't approve people looking for just adult fun and we have some geo-restrictions.

Q: How do I hide my profile, newsfeed or pictures?
A: Look under Privacy, on the menu buttons in the top right corner.

Q: How do I delete my profile?
A: Go to Profile Edit section and there is a button over there.

Q: What if I have another question not answered here?
A: Please ask all your questions in our Help forum.


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