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Marisa Jan 26

LOL, a very hot quiz! I took it, and sure enough I ended up being a Nazi!! 

Take a QUIIZ:
The Social Justice Warrior or Nazi Test

Note: this test is a joke, a satire. Not a scientific thing. 

spectrumAU Moderator
spectrumAU Jan 26
grr!  Went right through the test then problems on the final page with the CAPTCHER.

Tried many times, wouldn't work, gave up.

So I must be SJW... fighting for quizz justice! lol

Marisa Jan 26
really?? there was no Captcha when I was taking this quiz few hours ago... grr!!! no justice in this world!! 
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Jan 28
Yeah, the Captcha did not work for me either. Apparently it is configured wrong on this site.

"Input error: c: Invalid version number for captcha challenge token. k: Format of site key was invalid "
Same problems with the captcha on my end as well
Marisa Jan 28
probably at the beginning, when there were just a few respondents there was no captcha, but as the number of respondents started growing the site added a captcha which was not configured properly. 
Quarnicus Jan 30
Well I already know the answer to that test LOL...

 I'm practicing my goose-step as we speak


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