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Blueeyedamerican Oct 15 '16
I'm traveling to quebradilla PR to stay for a few months and was looking for some info on the area like neighborhood to stay in.
billyHill Moderator
billyHill Oct 16 '16
You may want to do a search for members in that area and send them a message asking what they think about the places nearby. Also be sure to use a search engine ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) to do research on any recommended places using the words +scam , +Fraud , and +ripoff after the place you name (3 different searches, not all 3 words in the same search).  That will yield results with those particular words in the same page.

for example, quebradilla PR yields 550,000 results. Adding quotes around it "quebradilla PR" yields only 8860 results (the quotes make the search engine look for those 2 words as quoted, not as separate words).

then add +scam ( and other similar words, each individually) to "quebradilla PR" ("quebradilla PR"+scam) yields zero results as stated, the +scam also looks for the word scam on the same page, not in order because it is not in the quoted area.


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