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billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 21 '16
Well I looked and it has been a few times in US history the electorate went against the people's voice. I guess I only remember one. While this site leans Dem, I have no reason to think it is lying.

Crystal, I did not get that info from my inbox. I live in the most progressive state in the Union. And I do not watch only Main Stream media. I shop all outlets including world news channels. Its a real kick to see how different channels handle the exact same story. And in the case of some of the world news channels, their take on it as as well.
I know it was not done by executive order, i was exaggerating that one. It does not change the fact that it was B.O.'s admin that did it and made the requirement nearly impossible to fulfill in existing buildings. Plumbing is next to impossible to relocate after it is set in place in a commercial building ( commercial buildings are made of concrete and steel, not wood). The order came over the summer just prior to the school year starting, and even if it was a complete 3 months advance notice there is no way a school system could get all 3 required bids by the time of the deadline or lose funding. It was the B.O. Administration, not B.O. Himself. Which happens to be the same Admin he was/is responsible for. The same one that did not prosecute Mrs Clinton for emails that they fired the Secretary of Defense over. The same one that ahhh, never mind. I've got a lot to gripe about and my memory just isn't that good.

I'm not old enough to remember JFK's term Bluerider, what did he do with T-notes?  ( I've only heard of T-bills). Then again, I may be under the impression a T-note is what we call legal tender or cash these days??

It was an earlier prez that removed the gold and silver backing of the cash. Funny how they don't let people see the Gold room in Fort Knox anymore, isn't it???
Marisa Nov 21 '16
one or two electors can go against the people's voice of course, but that's not important. This time 38 (or something like that, don't remember the exact figure) Republican electors who have to vote against Trump in order to change the election outcome. This is impossible, even 10 of them is impossible. 

I think ( I hope!) Trump will be more like Ronald Reagan. I truly admire him, he was a great president. But that's just my humble opinion, I know many can disagree.

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Nov 21 '16
I gotta agree with you Marisa.... not just on the Trump will make a great Prez idea but also the fact that the majority of these Califorons we live around are scared of their own shadow and think its up to the government to protect them from every possible wound of life.

The saddest part is most of them play "Victim" so well it is ingrained through generations. I do not understand the way they think, and I pray I never will. I do not have a "Victim" mentality, and do not want one. 

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Wrangler1954 Apr 3
The democrats are crazy. 
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Marisa Apr 3
LOL Lenovo, where did you get this crap? Probably from CNN Fake News aka Comedy News Network?  Oops sorry, that was probably from Washington Compost.

Damn Russians! My faucet started leaking today, I bet those were Russians who messed with it. 

Okay, I admit, Russians did influence the election. I am Russian and I voted Trump. And the vast majority of Russians living in the US also voted Trump. So yes, we did it!!  

billyHill Moderator
billyHill Apr 3
LMAO @ Marisa 

Quarnicus Apr 3
Russia's objectives were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, 

Rofl, lil late for that.... them chickens came home to roost years ago....

I have a slow leak in my car tire... I know who to blame now

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